All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. See the ACUSON Cypress System Operator’s Manual for a list of WARNINGS. Acuson Cypress system manual. Somkid Sridaromont; 10 videos How to use the Acuson Cypress Ultrasound System. by EchoVTorials. Learn how to use the Cypress ultrasound system, learn the Cypress in about an hour with.

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Note that manual ejection may not be possible during and just after shutdown.

Language Sets the display language. HR is heart rate bpm. Explanation Of Dicom Menu Fields Trigger Modes Time Increases the trigger time in milliseconds.

Cardiac Calculation References Color Flow Tools Check the shut- down page for messages. M-mode Tools In Freeze Mode: Selecting A Report Format Main Knob Cyprwss controls at the bottom affect the mid-field to far-field of the image. Acuson Cypress Service Manual November 19, When the screen is acsuon on videotape and played back, portions of the screen—at the bottom and right side—are not displayed.

For faster double-click, slide the bar to the right. Anybody can help me by Acuson Cypress service manual. NOTE Once the selected patient is used to create a study, its information is removed from the cache.



Performing Specific Cardiac Calculations Batch Removal Images all image data not flagged will be deleted. Hiding The Factory-defined List The current angle correction setting appears to the right of the symbol. Important Stress Controls Region of the Tools menu. Cyoress or its suppliers retain s ownership of and title to any computer pro- gram supplied with the equipment and to the trade secrets embodied in such computer programs.

During operation, the ultrasound image should be expected to experience severe interference that may make the image unusable.

Acuson Cypress Service Manual

To add the user, click the [ ] button. In addition, visualization of the fetus solely for educational or commercial demonstrations without medical benefit should not be performed. Vs is systolic volume Teichholz ml. Accept When the box is checked, the Cypress system will query Storage server to verify that all images in the study DICOM Commitment have been properly received and stored.

Hi Mohammed, can you please send me a copy of this service manual? Table of contents Table Of Contents Overview Of The Scanning Process To display the system clock while in View mode, remove the checkmark.


Acuson Cypress Service Manual – Service Technicians Forum

Page MO Disk: In Freeze mode, turn the Main knob to scroll through the frames or to select the playback speed. The Zoom box has a variable number of positions. Page 52 updates occur when the Mode button is pressed2 Sweeps, 3 Sweeps, or 4 Sweeps. Acuson Cypress Service Manual February 28, Page Bone TIb: Press any mode key to return to live imaging.

The Dicom Menu Siemens makes no claims regarding the safety or efficacy of ultrasound contrast agents.

Flag the selected images. Insert the cable into the opening. Page After cleaning, be sure that fluff from the swab is not left on the sur- face aacuson the ball-cage or optical lens.

Technical Description And Accuracy