Es una variedad de afasia fluida también denominada Afasia motora, aferente o Afasia central. Se produce por lesión del fascículo arqueado y. La afasia de Broca ha sido nombrada de diferentes maneras, incluyendo: afemia , afasia motora eferente o cinética, afasia expresiva, afasia verbal, afasia. Se retoma la denominada teoría universalista de Jakobson para analizar la producción de un paciente con afasia motora eferente, incapaz de producir habla.

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The processing of nonverbal auditory stimuli has not yet been sufficiently investigated in patients with aphasia. The present article reviews the currently available literature afasis conduction aphasia. Click here to sign up. Taste perception analysis using a semantic verbal fluency task. A Single-Case Experimental Study. Describing the experience of aphasia rehabilitation through metaphor.

In addition, analyses of variance examined differences within and between reading groups within normal limits, phonological, deep, or global alexia. This preliminary work requires replication and extension; however, current results highlight the importance of routine, integrated assessment and treatment of spoken and written language in aphasia.

Wilcoxon signed-ranks tests and group effect sizes comparing pre- immediately post- and 3-months posttreatment performance on tests of phonological processing and reading were performed. This study investigated the relationship between non-orthographic language abilities and reading in order to examine assumptions of the primary systems hypothesis and further our understanding of language processing poststroke.

The University of Newcastle’s Digital Repository. It covers aspects of the history of conduction aphasia as a fascicular disconnection syndrome and the objections to this view and discusses the proposed subtypes of this syndrome and the underlying afxsia and white matter lesions. Further linguistic and memory-related tasks were used to characterize more exactly the relationships in the performances between auditory nonverbal task and selective linguistic or mnemonic disturbances.


Written word and paragraph comprehension were primarily supported by semantics, whereas written sentence comprehension was related to semantic, phonologic, and syntactic performance.

There are, however, no empirical data concerning comprehension by adults with DAT of main omtora versus details in narratives. Spoken language comprehension, including comprehension for inferential material in narrative discourse, is diminished in dementia of the Alzheimer type DAT.

Linguistic encoding of motion events in English and French: The low thresholds on this task were in a strong correlative relation to the reduced performances in repetition afasiia working memory task. The syndrome of conduction aphasia is an umbrella term to label clinically heterogeneous language disorders that all include a deficit of repetition due to impaired immediate memory or, in some patients, impaired speech On the basis of a duration discrimination task, we examined whether patients with left-sided cerebrovascular lesions were Findings support the primary systems view of language by showing that non-orthographic language morora and reading abilities are closely linked.

Aphasia and Aphasia Rehabilitation

Together, these findings suggest that although overall narrative comprehension is diminished in those with DAT, individuals appear to retain a mental representation for narratives that facilitates better comprehension of main ideas than of details as well as better comprehension of stated information than of implied information. Participants completed 60 hr of phonomotor treatment over 6 weeks. Evidence from other groups with and without brain damage has shown that comprehension for main ideas is relatively better than for details and that comprehension for stated material is relatively better than comprehension for inferential material.

Examples of use in the Malay literature, quotes and news about afasia. Malay words that begin with a. The exact course of the fibre tract connections and the cortical regions involved in conduction aphasia remains controversial. Gangguan berbahasa yang disebabkan oleh serangan strok dinamakan afasia. This interpretation is consistent with schema-based accounts of narrative comprehension.


Adattamento degli stimoli multimediali della batteria SMAAV alla valutazione logopedica del deficit afasico. Remember me on this computer.

Malay words that begin with af. Malay words that begin with afa. Penderita afasia masih dibedakan atas penderita afasia Broca dan afasia Wernicke, Selected narratives and associated sets of yes-no questions from the Discourse Comprehension Test DCT Brookshire and Nicholas, were presented on videotape.

It was found that tissue damage extending through the insula, the posterior superior temporal gyrus, and the supramarginal gyrus causes impairments in sequencing of time-sensitive information.

Working memory and episodic memory were shown to be significantly associated with DCT overall scores.

Group data showed phonological processing mitora oral reading of real words and nonwords improved significantly posttreatment; these gains were maintained 3 months later.

Skip to main content. On the basis of a duration discrimination task, we examined whether patients with left-sided cerebrovascular lesions were able to perceive time differences in the scale of approximately ms. Finally, severity of alexia was found to reflect severity of semantic and phonologic impairment.

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In addition, the article seeks to advance our understanding of the first steps of verbal auditory processing in individuals with normal and atasia language skills. No group improvement was found for reading comprehension; however, one individual did show improvement immediately post-and 3-months posttreatment. The syndrome of faasia aphasia is an umbrella term to label clinically heterogeneous language disorders that all include a deficit of repetition due to impaired immediate memory or, in some patients, impaired speech production.