Alesis know a thing or two about digital recording, but what can they bring to the the I/O26 box includes a printed manual, a software/driver installation CD. Alesis iO 26 Sound Card Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. Recent Alesis iO 26 Sound Card questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, I have an alesis io/26 firewire recording ยท Alesis iO pdf Manual.

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Jan 25, 9: Yup, looks like Alesis just don’t care. For some reason, my io14 does not read FireWire from the Mac’s native ports.

I was actually trying to get an m-audio fast-track ultra 8r when I ended up with this alesis insert long boring story about m-audio failing to live up to their stock promises here.

I am able to record eight tracks at a time, but utilized on five at one time. Everything else in my system is the same; only the audio interface is different. I’ve learnt my lesson.


If the amp was sat in a back-room somewhere, it wouldn’t matter.

All user reviews for the Alesis iO|26

Find More Posts by BeatPsychic. So what was my aldsis surprise at the interface once connected, I heard crackling, clicks and pops with a vengeance, whatever my latency settings!

The rack takes up less space but the outputs are still less accessible. Manuual not worth it. And yes what spikemullings says is true as well, you do have to crank the pres up quite high for most dynamic mics, the condensers are ok, other then that its a great unit for the price. If so that stage could be introducing the noise whatever settings it is set to.

Inshallah, to paraphrase the Pope. Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st. It is a good creature is worth its price.

I’m basically getting a lot of hiss on my main outputs. Disappointing that something with so much potential could be made so poorly. Feb 14 Many thanks for any help! The good Lord heard me, it seems. Newer Post Older Alsis Home.

Alesis IO14 or IO26 Firewire in Linux with Mixbus Success!

It’s true that sometimes you have to push the gain in depth for a sufficient level, but I had no problem breathing. Or is it just a fault unit? Cons by the coconut is very sensitive towards the installed devices. Originally Posted by Bezmotivnik I’m unfamiliar with this. Starting the Audio application in my case Mixbus 3.


I don’t use any other firewire stuff, and I get the feeling firewire is being withdrawn from popular use i.

Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH-101

All times are GMT So, what’s the word on these? Does somebody have a solution for this? Send a private message to Bezmotivnik. Since then, no reply from the firewire part of the device, only in Linux i got some sort of reply: When I switch to garageband, everything works manal. My questions to You: