The Bain & Company Luxury Study Spring Update was unveiled this week in collaboration with Italy’s Fondazione Altagamma. The tone. Source: BCG-Altagamma True-Luxury Global Consumer Insight Survey ( 12K + 2 most relevant avenues of growth for the Personal Luxury market. 1/1/ BCG and Altagamma Release Fifth Annual Study. the most to the market’s growth: some %, to account for 50% of the market in

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And we all know what the greatest luxury of them all is: But enough of the theory.

Luxury, in the truest sense of the word, is more alive than ever and continues to go from strength to strength. The market repirt fuelling consumption, boosting employment and supporting the economic growth of entire nations, most of all Italy. The luxury market once again proved itself to be dynamic and agile in The situation looks promising, to say the least.

The new altagmama of luxury customers are 35 years old at the most and belong to the most fascinating generation of them all: But what millennials also have is incredible purchasing powerdespite having grown up during one of the biggest economic crises of modern history. Millennials are showing a penchant for luxury goods and have genuine intention to buywhich is boosting the consumption prospects of the entire industry: China — with its huge consumer numbers — is the most promising global market for the luxury market bar none.


The Key Trends for the Luxury Goods Industry in – The Boston Consulting Group

But who exactly is the typical Chinese consumer that the leading companies need to be targeting? Like all good fashionistas, perhaps they will use social media — Instagram in particular — to draw inspiration from the hottest influencers of the moment and keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Which products are they interested in?

Mainly street fashion such as top-quality sweatshirts, t-shirts and sneakers.

Luxury should continue to prosper in 2018 according to report by Bain & Altagamma

Companies operating in the luxury sector must be able to compete on two key aspects. From one side, they must take advantage of traditional values such as craftsmanship and qualityboth of which are seen as increasingly important by the new target market.

A growing number of purchases are made over the internet, and although many luxury companies have great history and heritage behind them, they can ill afford to overlook the vital area of online shopping. If they do, they can expect to miss out on a hefty chunk of revenue.

In other words, one out of every four purchases will be made online: Attracting graduates interested in a managerial career in business or in public administration since Fill in the form and get in touch with the growingleader world!


Showcased for the… Continue reading In a altaga,ma weeks, our MBA will come to an end. A few weeks of hard work and then these two luxruy will tell us what we… Continue reading Artisans, tailors and small business owners?

Altagamma and BCG analysis reveals luxury trends for coming years | #GrowingLeader

Type your search terms above and press return to see the search results. Generational shift underway in luxury goods target market Forget the classic image of the old-school, old-hat luxury sector customer.

But who is going to be accounting for the other slice of the pie?

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