LOCO-I (LOw COmplexity LOssless COmpression for Images) is the algorithm at the results at the time (at the cost of high complexity), it could be argued that the improvement .. In the sequel, we assume that this term is tuned to cancel R. LOCO-I (LOw COmplexity LOssless COmpression for Images) is the . Faria, A method to improve HEVC lossless coding of volumetric medical images, Image . A. Lopes, R. d’Amore, A tolerant JPEG-LS image compressor foreseeing COTS. Liu Zheng-lin, Qian Ying2, Yang Li-ying, Bo Yu, Li Hui (), “An Improved Lossless Image Compression Algorithm LOCO-R”, International Conference On.

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Swallowable medical devices for diagnosis and surgery: Lin [ 12 ]. In lissless paper, a lossless image compressor tailored towards capsule endoscopy images is proposed. Captured lossless WLI images from live pig’s intestine: Variable Length Coding The difference of the consecutive pixels dX is then mapped to a non-negative integer and then they are encoded in variable length coding.

Marcelo Weinberger – Google Scholar Citations

Turcza [ 15 ]. Due to the rare occurrence of sharp edges in endoscopic images, the difference between the component values of two consecutive pixels is lagorithm small. However, YUV color space is computationally expensive due to the presence of floating point numbers during conversion from RGB and it consumes significant area and power when implemented in hardware. Captured lossless WLI images from pig’s intestine: Corner Clipping In capsule endoscopy, the corner areas in a captured image are often blacked out.


Fast compression algorithms for capsule endoscope images.

FPGA Synthesis results of the compressor. The compressor then applies DPCM to calculate the difference of consecutive pixels and encodes the differences in variable length coding. The proposed compressor has lower computational complexity and memory requirements than the work in [ 24 ].

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The k parameter values are summarized in Table 3. Khan and Khan A. The work provides simulation results only without any in-vivo trial for performance validation. The CR of the images in the real experiments is similar to the results found during simulation.

Pseudo-color NBI images are reconstructed by combining two grayscale images in the computer software. For medical diagnostics, the distortion of the reconstructed image can lead to inaccurate diagnostics decisions, though in medical and endoscopic imaging, lossy compression is acceptable up to a certain point for example, a compression ratio of 15 was found as the visually lossless olssless for the JPEG lossy algorithm [ 3 ].

From Figure 6it is seen that smaller changes in pixels values occur in endoscopic images.

The state of the art. In this paper, a low complexity yet lossless image compression algorithm is presented that is olssless designed for capsule endoscopy.

An improved lossless image compression algorithm LOCO-R – Semantic Scholar

Chen [ 24 ]. Lin [ 10 ]. Unlike transform based algorithms, the compressor can be interfaced with commercial image sensors which send pixel data in raster-scan fashion that eliminates the need of having large buffer memory.


Buffer memory takes significantly large silicon area and consumes sufficient amount of power which can be a noticeable overhead in capsule endoscopy application. Then an optional clipping module is added that removes uninteresting corner area of the image. A review of compression methods for medical images in PACS.

The image data are then transferred to computer for reconstruction. Absolute difference in consecutive pixel values.

A wireless capsule compressin system with low power controlling and processing ASIC. A design of a high-speed and high-efficiency capsule endoscopy system. Pixel access sequence in image sensor using two topologies: The capsule captured and sent live lossless images to the outside data logger. Compression assessment based on medical image quality concepts using computer-generated test images.

The results show that, the compressor consumes much lower power and area and still produces lossless intestinal images in both WLI and NBI algoritm. It is noticed that the proposed design has additional support for NBI mode, does not require significant buffer memory to store image pixels and still can produce compressed bit stream without any data loss which is a key feature of the design.

A customized corner clipping scheme is also implemented to remove uninteresting corner area of the image to increase compression ratio.