Playwright Nilo Cruz explores these predicaments in his Pulitzer Prize-winning play Anna in the Tropics. Arena Stage has mounted the. This page guide for “Anna In The Tropics” by Nilo Cruz includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 2 chapters, as well as several more. Anna in the Tropics has ratings and 73 reviews. Brina said: Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz is the Pulitzer winner for drama, making Cruz the.

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Nilo Cruz is the author of many plays which have been produced at many theaters and festivals throughout the country.

Juan Julian asks Conchita if she still observes the ritual of cutting her hair on the second day of February, to which Conchita replies, “Yes. Juan Julian is a man who appreciates the revitalizing power of nature, and he contemplates it at every opportunity. Many of the displaced workers either returned to their homeland or sought employment in the Tampa bay area. Jul 26, Si Squires-Kasten rated it it was ok Shelves: Jul 29, Nathan Albright rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Cruz, however, reconsidered and decided that a historical account would be “too complicated” to render dramatically, so he chose instead to focus on the role the lector played in the factories during a time when personal and financial independence were inextricably linked.

Without him, many of the workers would have no knowledge of the outside world. She is the object of Levin’s desire.

If she cannot find a canary, then he suggests that she listen to him sing while he’s in the shower. Of course Marela is infatuated with Julian whose name she had written on a piece of paper and immersed in water spiced with cinnamon and brown sugar to ensure before he arrived at the factory that nill would bring sweetness into her life.


Little moments as small as violet petals. I also saw the play a few years ago and enjoyed that experience more than just reading it.

They discuss what it must be like to be part of a lover’s triangle, though the irony is not lost upon Conchita, who is thinking about her own life. View all 4 comments. His reading of this book prompts some to engage in romantic anan and turns the frustrations and longings of the community into concrete action.

Anna in the Tropics (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

The men and women are divided in their opinions, but Ofelia, with the support of her two daughters, defends her decision to hire a lector. According tropivs her, he was so shy that “when he expressed any sort of feeling, he would excuse himself.

View all 5 comments. Conchita tells the story of Rosario’s spell to warn Marela kn practicing witchcraft. Palomo is angry when he discovers his wife’s affair with the lector, but, rather than insist that she end it, he asks her probing questions about her lover, living vicariously through his wife’s sexual exploits.

Anna in the Tropics – Nilo Cruz

Inspired by Juan Julian’s reading of Anna Karenina, Santiago launches a new line of cigars at the factory. Wearing the coat seems inexplicable to those who assemble for the final reading, yet to Marela’s devastated mind and spirit this act makes perfect sense. When he finally realizes that his wife is having an affair, he struggles with how he should comport himself, for he wishes to avoid a scandal at all costs.


Trooics defends Leonardo, saying that his friend upholds many fine traditions that machines would otherwise destroy.

Anna in the Tropics

The light of fires. The lector falls to the floor as the shocked workers look to see where the shots nolo from. The play’s most idealized example of a love triangle, and the one that re-creates Tolstoy’s example faithfully, both in terms of its ardor and tragic outcome, is the one between Conchita, her husband Palomo, and Juan Julian.

Juan Julian tells “Chester” that cigars have fallen out of favor with the public because people wish to anha the many film stars who smoke cigarettes onscreen.

Let’s just say it right now: He reads a passage from the book, one told from the tropica perspective, that speaks of the shame and humiliation Anna feels for betraying her husband, yet the passion she feels for her lover, a passion which is returned in kind, is worth the price she must pay.

A lover’s triangle is set in motion as Marela longs for Juan Julian, who conducts an affair with her older sister even though she is married to Palomo, another roller at the factory. He anha this as a sign of “apprehension, anxiety and even despair. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Juan Julian reports to work to perform his first reading.