Barix STL Connection Over Internet – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A low cost audio over IP system for STL’s, back ups and remotes that gets your audio from The Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer are versatile network audio over IP 10/ Mbit/s ethernet connection; Streams from PC, Web, Shoutcast. The Barix Instreamer at our studio and Exstreamer at our transmitter site worked by sending a redundant stream over a second path, or through a combination of both methods. With just one Internet connection to the transmitter, Vectis Radio Barix IP Audio STL Solution Enables High-Quality, Reliable.

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It is working very nice. It runs on very low power at 12 volts, which keeps our costs down even more. I have used it for two weeks straight and I have had no sync losses or stream breaks. Barix supplies simple and reliable solutions and components to systems integrators and end users worldwide. On power up the device findes a correct IP address and announces it over the audio and headphone outputs! Anonymous visitor Configuration is easy, and well laid out.

Barix also supports OEM projects for a number of Global listed companies serving many industries worldwide. It is also possible to upgrade their firmware to do extra things – like fallback to a playlist on a USB stick, or even uncompressed PCM audio.

The compact, simple-to-configure Barix Instreamer gives Boyer a reliable and hassle-free way to capture live audio from multiple locations, and stream it back to the studio over a WiMax wireless internet connection.

We Move Audio www. The Instreamer has IP address PoE Power over Ethernet would so simplify things for us that have it Mark from Ireland Fantastic for linking remote sites back to base. Boyer believes Barix will truly deliver its best cost savings yet based on the recent deployment of a studio-to-transmitter link STL between Island92 and a remote FM station in Anguilla, a Caribbean island located 11 miles north.


After configuring cohnection, selecting his input source, and choosing his preferred audio codec, the system was operational. The unit is then excepted of the firewall security.

You log into the GUI, set etl up, and it reboots every time and simply works. Island92 on the Dutch side of St. Home About Barix Radio online!

The Barix boxes are easy to install and are nice, reliable pieces of interent. It maintains a steady signal when streaming to a server. We found the barix equipement to be very dependable and solid.

Maarten as well as Anguilla. Remote broadcasting proved one of the more challenging functions from a cost and technology perspective, particularly when it came to the St. Demetris from Cyprus service from Broadcast warehouse was 2nd to none. Eddie from Ireland Simple configuration, works great.

Studio Transmitter Link (STL) Application

It does currently not work with the standard Exstreamer firmware! Thanks for your help. Easy-to-use IP audio system, distributed in the U. Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

IP Audio with Barix » » February

Bob This is a superb way to get audio from one place to another in real time. The Barix Audio over IP architecture delivers the program signal at high quality and with minimal latency, typically using a 64kbps bitrate in mp3.

Maarten is not the best in the world.

Using the Barix Instreamer encoder and Exstreamer decoder, the growing station has discovered the benefits of IP connectivity for special events like the annual St. Boyer can also log into the Exstreamer at the station from any barid location to monitor the connection, as desired. And compared to the equipment for a wireless STL system, the Barix solution was on the order of ten times less expensive.


Overall; does what it says on the tin! We have found that they are slightly temperature sensitive, so at the remote TX site we have had audio problems when temperature drops to around freezing. Why 4 stars not 5? I have to say that they are not in the same league as the instreamer. I am using as stl for fm transmission.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please select both products when placing your order. I would certainly recommend it.

Configuration is easy, and internett laid out. That research validated Barix as his barux choice. Used in pairs, both the Instreamer and Exstreamer are needed for a complete solution.

Anonymous visitor I am using as stl for fm transmission. Been using these devices for a number of years and they are very reliable. All the following information and a litte bit more are also in the “Howto Instreamer-Exstreamer” [1] contained.

Fantastic for linking remote sites back to base. Sto serial and Ethernet control APIs, the device can also be managed from typical automation systems. Retrieved from ” http: Years later, DoubleACS took over the license of that same station, converted it to non-commercial operation and moved its studios before bringing back the locally-significant WARA call letters. Great place to buy broadcast equipment. The station then had a limited Windows network to manage and deliver on-air programming during daytime hours, before switching to internst satellite service at night.