Instruction Manual, Brother LSi Details. Brother Model LSi Sewing Machine Instruction Manual, 56 Pages. You May Also Like. Presser Foot w/ Shank. View and Download Brother LSi instruction manual online. Brother LS- i Sewing Machines: Users Manual. LSi Sewing Machine pdf manual. Brother LSi User Manual. Quick reference guide knowing your sewing machine, Solution center, Name of machine parts and their functions. Text mode .

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Single knit, Double knit. Remove the power supply plug from the outlet. The sewing machine should never be left unattended when plugged in. Twin-needle sewing works well with these stitches: Raise the presser foot and the needle to their highest positions.

LS/i/ | United States | Brother Solutions Center

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. If ps2125i needle is already installed, remove the needle by loosening the needle clamp with a coin and pulling the needle down.

Bobbin is Wound Incorrectly Use a small pair of scissors to remove thread. If you are unable to locate these items, please visit us online at www. Presser Foot Lever Used to raise and lower the presser foot. Improper packing or improper packing material could result in damage during shipping. It may become necessary to reship the sewing machine. Knowing Your Sewing Machine. I was having trouble drawing up the lower bobbin thread You can use the same color ls2125ii two different colors of thread for decorative stitches.


Page 33 Para empezar a coser fig.


It may need to be adjusted when you change fabric or thread type. Gathering Gathering Pattern Straight Stitch 1. Reverse sewing is used for locking and reinforcing seams. Lower the presser foot.

Thread Tension Thread tension will affect the quality of your stitches. To sew forward, release the reverse sewing lever.

After oiling, run the machine at a fast speed without thread installed for a short time.

Straight Stitching Straight Stitching Pattern Center needle position Left needle position The Straight Stitch or 11 is used for top stitching and sewing lightweight fabrics. Reverse Sewing Lever To sew in reverse.

Brother LS-2125i User Manual

Remove the needle plate using a coin or screwdriver to take out the screws. Remove any accumulated lint and thread with a brush from the retaining ring, hook, driver and race body. Zipper Insertion Pattern Straight Stitch The zipper foot is used to sew on various types of zippers and can easily be positioned to the right or left side of the needle.


Needles and Thread Combinations.

Brother Sewing Machine LS User Guide |

Handwheel Use for lower threading. Reverse Sewing Lever Reverse Sewing Lever To sew in reverse, press down the reverse sewing lever as far as possible and hold it in that position while lightly stepping on the foot controller.

Page 14 Page 16 Upper thread Lower thread tension is too tension is too Loosen the face plate screw as shown in fig. Built-in Handle Ideal for easy and efficient transporting.

Foot Controller Jack Insert plug in jack to operate foot controller. Measure the distance between the buttonholes and set the pattern selection dial to the Zigzag Stitch 2, 3 or 4 with the desired width.