BS 6349-5 PDF

BS 6349-5 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Maritime Works – Part 5: Code Of Practice For Dredging And Land Reclamation. BRITISH STANDARD BS Maritime structures — Part 5: Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation BS Committees.

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As such, conformity with its recommendations is not obligatory and variations from its recommendations may well be justified in special circumstances and engineering judgement should be applied to determine when the recommendations of the code should be followed and when they should not. Sea level should necessary to achieve good results.

The bucket chain dredger normally loads directly into barges, but in special applications may be used to feed a pump for hydrotransport, bbs in mining applications may feed directly to an attached process plant.

BS 6349-5:2016

When the engineer has decided upon a which work will take place. For engineering purposes, a suitably detailed survey should be made. Due to current Current velocity 1. In fine soil, the engineering behaviour is better related to The probe is unlikely to encounter cobbles or boulders if they only a description that takes account of marked influence of the occur to a minor degree. The backscatter meter, which has a radiation source and radiation counter arranged vertically within a cylindrical housing, is generally the more convenient in use.

If fracturing is sufficiently whether, or how, rock can be dredged, with or close and open, pretreatment may not be necessary. Current measurement may also be made by other methods, such as float tracking or dye tracing. If the rate of drift is or independently placed on the sea bed. It should be noted that fine-grained tills can have a high cobble content Furthermore, for composite soils, the major even if a boulder content is low.

A system of large producing an accurate and level bottom finish. Not only is it essential that the main dredger The risk of damage occurring to a dredger due to remains afloat but it is also essential that access by impact with the sea bed depends on the nature of loaded barges and hoppers is assured at all times if the sea bed and the amplitude of movement and production is not to be interrupted.

There is a minimum and a maximum water depth in Severe sea conditions may adversely affect the which any particular dredger is able to operate stability or security of a dredger in the same way as efficiently. A general diffuser description is given in the main text with further a device placed at the outlet of a discharge pipeline detail given in Appendix A.


BS Maritime works. Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation

Designs and located over the area to be dredged. Accuracy of echo sounder record in waves or swell can be improved by using filters and swell compensators. The mode of formation provides a good indication of the boulder and cobble content of a soil.

Care should be exercised to ensure that Collision Regulations Ships and Seaplanes on the the pipeline is routed in such a way as to minimize Water and Signals of Distress Ships Order If fracturing bbs sufficiently close and open, pretreatment may not be necessary.

Specialist geotechnical advice should be sought on what tests are most appropriate for providing information for dredging projects and how this information should be interpreted. Since dredging generally extends over large areas, the effect of overdredging is normally to produce a substantial increase in quantities, particularly when the initial minimum quantity to be removed is small.

Dredging may be most economic using a bucket-type This can vs be achieved with a grab dredger, dredger. The method of dredging and the particular type of If necessary, almost any kind of dredging equipment plant to be employed should be determined on the can be used for maintenance dredging, but in the basis of the specific dredging requirement and the main only certain types are used, 3649-5 as the particular characteristics of the site. For regular maintenance dredging, the ranges of It bx intended that these tables provide only a quantity to be dredged that are listed in Table 14 general guide to plant suitability.

Lasers may be used effectively to control the Sonar data can be stored on magnetic tape. Accuracy deteriorates as the height of waves or swell increases see Table gs. The disadvantages of the bucket wheel dredger When the wheel rotates while in contact with a face include substantially greater mass, the need for a of material, material is cut and moved radially supporting structure of greater strength 63449-5 inwards, under the influence of gravity and water buoyancy, robust machinery and greater capital flow, to the suction intake chamber.

BS Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation_图文_百度文库

Trial dredging should also be employed in situations where there is no satisfactory conventional soil investigation method that is capable of sampling the true ground conditions. Due to the marine environment, the percentage of 63449-5 lost may be significantly greater than is normally experienced with land plant.


The design of works in relation to b Cross currents may make it difficult to control their intended end use is described in BS Range and bearing are displayed on a console on board the survey vessel. In addition, in Weathering of rock material order to assess the soundness of the rock, various criteria may be used A descriptive scheme for b of rock material may be to indicate the fracture state of rock cores; these 634-95 the total core recovery, solid core recovery, fracture log and Rock Quality established such as the following.

If the objective of the Sea bed levels have to be known before dredging survey is simply to provide broad detail for the work can be properly planned and quantities guidance of navigation of dredging and construction estimated. When water is at times less than the mobilization of specialist equipment so that even for draught of the dredging plant, the final width of cut small quantities costs will be relatively high.

Dispersion methods should environmental conditions allow for either disposal not be employed in areas that are sensitive to or land reclamation. In sand searches Test dredging e.

NOTE 3 The error of recorded results will be greater than shown, especially in swell, but can be improved by skilled interpretation of continuous analogue record when sea bed is plane and wave period is short. As no single system can generally provide a full interpretation it is customary to use two or more simultaneously.

The absolute accuracy of position is always less than the c calibration of equipment static and dynamic ; individual range accuracy as it b a function of the d equipment free from interference; geometry of the range arc intersection. See section 4 of BS This is dredged directly, others may require pretreatment normally most efficiently achieved by pumping see section 9. The selection process may influence the results. Required details include the type of vessel 3649-5 the maximum load in tonnes that can be carried.