Chemistry in Engineering and Technology: by J.C. Kuriacose & J. View PDF J C Kuriakose,and J Rajaram, “Chemistry in Engineering and Technology†. Bio-Technology · Botany · Chemistry · Computer · Economics · Engineering · Fine Arts · Geology · History · Home Science · Management · Pharmacy · Physics. DEGREE COURSE. SCHEME. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required.

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Atomic Spectroscopy Atomic absorption spectroscopy — principle — instrumentation, single and double beam atomic absorption spectrometer, detections limits and sensitivity — applications – Atomic emission spectroscopy — Types of emission spectra — excitation energy requirement — instrumentation — spectrographs — applications – Atomic fluorescence spectroscopy.

Science Biology put together, or a diploma inEngineering awarded by the Board. Introduction to quantum mechanics The failures chemisfry classical physics — heat capacities — black body radiation — The photo electric heat — The Compton effect — The diffraction of electrons — Atomic and molecular ttechnology, wave particles duality — Uncertainty principle, operators and commutation relations — Postulates of quantum mechanics — Scrondinger equation, Free particle, particle in one chemstry box — Harmonic oscillator — Rigid rotor — Hydrogen atom — Angular momentum — Spin, coupling of angular momentum — Spin-orbit coupling.

anna university tiruchirappalli tiruchirappalli

Saunders Company, Reference Books: Grace Ross Lewis, Chemicals in everyday products, Ed. Adhesive bonding – adhesive action, Development of adhesive strength – physical and chemical factors influencing adhesive strength. Ltd, New Delhi, 3. Hetero cyclics and supramolecules Heterocyclics — Nomenclature — compounds containing two hetero atoms — azoles — chemistry of pyrazole, imidazole, oxazole and thiazole— diazines — pyrimidines. Bowen, and Donald R. Cheimstry diagram — Simple Eutectic System.

Verification of Maximum power transfer theorem. Electrochemical Power Sources Batteries — primary and secondary — dry cell, alkaline, Ni-Cd battery, mercury battery, leadacid battery, solar battery, Ni- Metal hydride battery, activated batteries sea water activated batteries Fuel cells — Types — Low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature fuel cells.

Methods for determination of wash, light and rubbing fastness. Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms — Electron Transfer Reactions Electron transfer reactions — Outer sphere and inner sphere mechanisms and rate laws – Various types of electron transfer reactions – Marcus-Husch theory Correlation between thermal and optical electron j.c.kuroakose reactions – Identification of intervalence transfer bands in solution Unit IV: A text book of engineering chemistry abd P.

Fluorescent brightening agents, Optical brighteners. M —A Text book of Engg. Principles of polymerization Principles and mechanisms of polymerization — addition, step growth polymerization and coordination i. Electronics and Communication Engineering. Chemical kinetics Tevhnology kinetics — over view of first, second and third order reactions — rate law — complex reactions — mechanism — steady state approximation — effect of temperature — Arrhenius treatment — theories of reaction rate — collision — absolute reaction rate enggineering competing and parallel reactions — chain reactions j.c.kuriakosw transition state theory – opposing reactions — consecutive abd — deduction of rate laws — kinetics of fast reactions — Hammetts relationship — ionic reactions in solution — effect of ionic strength.


Evaluation of fastness properties with grey scale. Chemical thermodynamics — II The standard state and calculation of thermodynamic functions – Fugacity: Sewage treatment — municipal waste water — sewage and its composition — methods of sewage treatment — preliminary or mechanical treatment, primary treatment — secondary treatment — activated sludge process — sludge disposal — need for sludge disposal — tertiary treatment.

Arc welding transformer with cables and holders 2. Batteries and Battery Technology: Agriculture chemicals Fertilizers — organic and inorganic — ammoniated superphosphates, sodium nitrate solid pellets — potassium salts — pesticides — fungicides — herbicides — their preparations and characteristics — environmental impacts.

Conductometric estimation of an acid IR – spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy Selection rules for IR absorption, fundamental, overtone and hot bands — Normal nad of vibration of molecules such as carbon dioxide and water — Factors influencing he number and energy of absorption bands — Characteristic group vibrations — Factors causing shifts in group vibrations — Skeletal vibrations — Finger printing — Double beam IR rngineering — Components and functions — sample handling — Nujol mull and potassium bromide pellet technique – Applications of IR spectroscopy in structural elucidation of molecules.

Department of Chemistry 8 Unit IV: Determination of velocity of sound and compressibility of liquid j.c.kuriakkose Ultrasonic Interferometer. After finishing this course, the student will be able to understand and apply the design and synthetic approaches used in pharmaceutical chemistry.

To study about electrochemical properties of materials 3.

Unit – IV General theory of controlled current methods-Derivation of Sands equation for constant current input under linear diffusion-chrono potentiogram and its significance.

Chemical Thermodynamics Thermodynamic terms — Fundamentals of thermodynamics — Heat and work — Expressions related pressure, volume and work — work done in isothermal reversible and irreversible expansion — First law of thermodynamics — Mathematical formulation of first law of engnieering — Second law of thermodynamics — Ehgineering free energy — Enropy – Helmholtz energy and work function — Gibbs Helmholtz equation — Application —Vant Hoff Isotherm — Vant Hoff Isochore.

To check and print if the given number is a palindrome or not, and the given number is a prime number or not Looping To print Fibonacci and Trigonometric series. Inorganic chemicals Common salt and soda ash — Manufacture — Different grades — products — alkalis — Na2CO3 Caustic soda and chlorine industry — manufacture principles of electrolytic process — chlorine — storage Hydrochloric acid — manufacture — absorption — uses Sulphur and sulphuric acid — extraction of sulphur — manufacture of H2SO4 technologg chamber — contact processes — industrial uses Unit IV.

Kemmerly and Steven M. Phase Rule Definition and explanation of terms, advantages and limitations of phase rule, one component system — water system, j.c.kuriakosd component system — reduced phase rule — thermal analysis — simple eutectic system — lead silver system, desilverisation of argentiferrous lead. Environmental Engineering are located in the Oxygen engineerinv acetylene gas cylinders, blow pipe and other welding outfit.


anna university tiruchirappalli tiruchirappalli

Characteristics of Photodiode and Phototransistor. Enzyme and its action Enzymes — chemical nature and structure — properties — factors affecting enzyme activity — classification and nomenclature — structural and functional organization of enzymes — coenzymes — functions technlogy NAD, NADP, flovoproteins, ubiquinones, cytochrome, metal ions as enzyme co-factors — the mechanism of enzyme action — specificity of enzymic action — kinetics of enzymic activity — estimation of enzymic activity — regulation of enzymic activity — multi enzyme complexes Biological oxidation process by oxygen or loss hydrogen — respiratory chain — oxidation potential – oxidative phosphorylation — mechanism — substrate level phosphorylation — energy rich compounds — Trans phosphoregulation — production of energy in photosynthetic organisms — photosynthesis — mechanism Unit IV.

IS Parts 1 to 4 — To study about cyclic voltammetry techniques 3. Strong base Vs Strong acid 4. McGraw-Hill,P Documents.

I and II4. Polymers Homo and Heterochain polymers — types of polymerization — Addition and condensation polymerization — Effect of polymer structure on properties — Strength, plastic deformation, crystallinity, chemical resistance, plastics, thermo plastics and thermosetting plastics — moulding of plastics — biodegradable plastics. Synthesis of secondary metabolites from plants Synthesis of secondary metabolites from engineeringg — Techniques of selecting cell lines for high yields of secondary compounds with reference to steroids, alkaloids, saponins, pigments and flavanoids — cell cloning, visual or chemical analysis — factors affecting large scale production of useful chemicals — Drug discovery in cancer research — drugs of plant origin — Cyclophosphamide, Decarbazine, 5 — Fluorouracil, Azathioprine — harnessing the power of genome in the search for new antibiotics, conceptual and practical aspects of monoclonal antibody production — production of antibodies in biomedical research — dual discoveries in tropical diseases and cardio-vascular diseases.

Creation of 3-D models of simple objects and obtaining 2-D multi-view engineerign from annd model.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Portland cement – chemical composition-manufacture, reactions during setting and hardening physical properties, ISI specifications of Portland cement. Chemistry in engineering and technology j c kuriacose pdf j c kuriacose pdf Chemistry in engineering and technology j c Dimensioning of Technical Drawings.

Unit – III – Stereochemistry Steroisomerism- definitions and classification — molecular representation and inter conversion introduction to molecular symmetry and point groups with examples- Conformation analysiscyclic system-cyclohexane —conformation and reactivity with examples from molecular rearrangements – Stereoselectivity- classification, terminology, principle of stereoselectivity, example of diastereoselectivity and enantioselectivity including few examples from pericyclic reactions- circular dichroism-ORD-cottoneffect-application of ORD.

He will also know the importance of main group chemistry.