Title, Nunca me has gustado. Author, Chester Brown. Translated by, Óscar Palmer. Publisher, Astiberri, ISBN, , Length, I Never Liked You is a graphic novel by Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown. The story first ran .. “Nunca me has gustado, de Chester Brown”. Guía del cómic (in . Nunca Me Has Gustado – Chester Brown. 12 likes. Chester Borwn “Nunca me has gustado” (i never liked you).

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Even his own mother commented on his looks and I was beginning to wonder if this was how he remember his childhood or if it was more wishful thinking on his part? Lawrence Sun, published one of his comic strips. She suffers a fall down a flight of stairs there when confusedly nuncaa around and ne after being bedridden and incoherent for a short time. The story has minimal dialogue and is sparsely narrated.

When Carrie deciphers it correctly he haa that he uses symbolism in his drawings, and the confrontation escalates to minor violence guetado Carrie proclaims to him, “I never liked you! Apr 14, East Bay J rated it it was ok Shelves: Of course, lots of these panels are taken up with immaterial stuff. Maybe then we wouldn’t be cutting ourselves our tapping a vein.

His seemingly distancing problem struck a chord with me.

Nunca me has gustado – Chester Brown – Google Books

A memoir of growing up in the suburbs in the s, in Canada, and learning how to interact with people. A minimalist approach to style equates to the equally understated emotions of the protagonist and author. One of my favorite childhood memoir comics.


We are not sure why, but people sure to bug him about it! Chester Brown was born in Montreal, Canada on May 16, and grew up in the nearby suburb of Chateauquay. View all 6 comments. His talent is definitely in storytelling and the strangely jagged narrative coalesced into a collection of memories from his youth. Jul 09, Chris rated it really liked it.

The book appeared amid the early s trend in autobiographical alternative comics, and Brown was one of a prominent trio of Toronto-based autobiographical cartoonists, with Seth and Joe Matt.

Chester, our lonely hero trapped in his own skin, his occasionally present little brother, Gordon. He obviously doesn’t remember much, so whatever he does is automatically soooo profound. For the new definitive softcover edition Brown has designed new layouts for the entire book, using “white” panel backgrounds instead of the black pages of the first edition.

Spanning most of his childhood, from the fourth grade, when he and Connie shared the walk to school everyday, on into high school, where such easy intimacy seems impossible, Chester manages to work a kind of minimalist magic. Stunning minimalist autobiographical graphic novel, in which Brown interweaves the story of his growth to teenagehood and sexual maturation with the story of the deterioration and death of his mother.

Get Nunca Me Has Gustado By Chester Brown Pdb

Retrieved 6 April Charles Hatfield praised Brown’s honesty, keen observation, and narrative strength, [17] and called the “hide with me” [39] page as one of his favourites. He continued this with I Never Liked Youwhere he has said he was “trying to get even more pared down than The Playboy “. He changed to white backgrounds for the edition. I Never Liked You: He has enough women seeming to be interested in him that his love problems feel like he’s whining for the sake of it.


The Autobiographical Stories in Yummy Fur”. He and Carrie’s older sister Connie, a bossy nuhca a year his senior, often hide during hide-and-seek games in tall grass where they spend the time talking with each other, though they have little in common. She talks to Chet and his younger brother Gord about bas that embarrass them, and the religious teaching she has instilled in them has rendered Chet unable to bring himself chfster swear, for which he is chrster and goaded at school.

Chet’s face is near expressionless throughout.

This is the first time I’ve read the whole thing cover to cover, and I only did so because my friend and fellow cartoonist, Mari, raved about it to me recently.

And the artist came off as so rude to everyone around him.