This Ordinance applies to residences within the city of Chicago only. Please see the Exceptions to the RLTO to ensure the law applies to you. For tenants in. The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) is the preeminent source of tenants’ rights law for those that live in the City of Chicago. To download a full copy. Most residential tenants in Chicago are protected by the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (“RLTO”), which grants many rights and remedies to .

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The landlord may access the unit only during reasonable times, defined as 8: Purpose of the RLTO Properties covered by RLTO Right to be free from unreasonable access Right to have the property maintained Right to a safe environment and essential services Right to vacate if there is fire or other casualty damage Right to fair treatment of security deposits Right to know the identity of the landlord or agent Right to notification of foreclosure action Right to notification of conditions affecting habitability Right to reasonable subleases Right to a fair rental agreement Right to be free from retaliation Right to be free from lock-out Right to a copy of the Summary of Ordinance Remedies for violation.

To have the property reasonably maintained Landlords must maintain the premises in accordance with the law and must make repairs to the dwelling to keep it in compliance. It’s a hard thing to deal with – the reality that, had a street pole not been there, I would be dead. A landlord cannot retaliate against a tenant except for violation of the lease or violation of a law or ordinance.

If the rental agreement is terminated under this subsection gthe landlord shall return all security and all prepaid rent in accordance with Section d. At the beginning of this experience, honestly, I was intimidated and afraid that I would end up having to pay a lot of money for an unjust reason. The landlord must timely return the security deposit to the tenant after the tenant vacates the premises or notifies the landlord of intent to vacate the unit due to casualty damage.

If your lawsuit is successful, the landlord almost always pays attorney fees and court costs. The RLTO also regulates the payment of interest.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO)

Historically landlords have attempted all manner of forcing tenants to leave apartments without going to court. Don’t do it unless you expect a judge or jury to believe it. The tenant may sue the landlord for damages or claim the material noncompliance as a defense.


Though the list of potential violations is long, it is not all encompassing. Under the RLTO the landlord must give the tenant notice of intent to enter at least two days before he intends to enter the unit. I had never used an attorney for anything before this experience. There are, however, some exceptions. The following actions are specifically prohibited:. Failure to maintain stairways or porches in safe condition and sound repair.

The proper purposes to access the unit are:. The list of examples of a failure to maintain the property is long, it includes: Damages and injunctive relief. Failure to maintain floors in compliance with the safe load-bearing requirements of the municipal code.

Rental Property Utility Services Act Defines rights with regard to landlord paid utilities and common area utilities. Under Illinois state law it needs to be sent certified mail, but under the RLTO it need only be in writing. When a landlord receives a security deposit chicqgo a rto or prospective tenant he must give them a receipt that lists the amount of the security deposit, the name of the person receiving it, the name of the landlord, the date the deposit is received and a description of the unit.

The landlord must return prepaid rent, the security deposit and interest. The other remedies are specific to the type of violation. If the landlord violates this section of the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance, the tenant has the following remedies:. Failure to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water.

If a landlord does not deliver possession of the apartment in accordance with the rental agreement, the tenant does not have to pay rent and may choose to take the following action:. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to:.

Skip to main content. To download a full copy of the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance, click here.

In these cases no prior notice or consent are required. The tenant may also recover reasonable attorneys fees and may either recover possession or terminate the lease. When a landlord does not deliver possession of the unit in habitable condition at the beginning of the lease term the rent abates and the tenant has two options: Disclosure of security deposit location Not only must the landlord keep the money in a separate account at a qualified bank, he must also tell the tenant about it.


If the landlord fails to deliver possession of the dwelling unit to the tenant in compliance with the residential rental agreement or Sectionrent for the dwelling unit shall abate until possession is delivered, and the tenant may: After such notice, the tenant may during the period of the landlord’s noncompliance or failure: The City of Chicago chicao barred what it believes rltp abusive terms. Failure to provide heat or hot water in such amounts and chucago such levels and times as required chicato the municipal code.

The RLTO requires that the landlord maintain the property in accordance with the municipal code.

Chicago RLTO Tenant Remedies

Failure to provide hot and cold running water as required by the municipal code. If the landlord fails to correct the condition within 14 days after being notified by the tenant in writing, the tenant may, during the time such failure continues, deduct from the rent the stated amount.

Landlords must maintain the premises in accordance with the law and must make repairs to the dwelling to keep it in compliance. The following terms are not enforceable:.

Withhold a portion of rent that reasonably reflects the reduced value, if the condition is not remedied within 24 hours after notification, so long as the problem is not caused by the inability of the utility company to provide service; or Terminate the rental agreement if the defect lasts longer than 72 hours after notice and so long as the failure is not caused by the inability of the utility provider to provide service.

Failure to provide adequate light or ventilation as required by the municipal code. The landlord must notify the tenant of a foreclosure action An unfortunate reality chifago recent times is that many parcels of real estate, including rental properties, are falling into foreclosure.

For example, the rlti requirements for security devices are only found in chapter of the Chicago Municipal Code”Security Devices in Residential Buildings. Landlords have a duty to maintain under the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance.