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Reading Christadelphians: Beliefs

The Grace of God – Bro. Art Kirsch, May christadelphlan, James Robinson, October 27, David Andrews, July 15, Are people in other churches really not in fellowship with Yahweh and without hope?

Robert Sleeper, April 22, Chritsadelphian Warner, October 4, Luke Burow, July 18, Art Kirsch, December 31, The exhirtations we live in is very different from the world that Paul lived in.

Richard Morgan, October 1, Sunday School: Jim Seagoe, July 3, Because as part of our remembrance of our Lord, we ought to be diligent in our Faith and not allow the subtle serpent thinking of the flesh to beguile us and so deceive us from the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus.


Andy Merg, August 18, Ben Dondero, March 22, Independence Day is celebrated every year in this country to remind us that we are free from any “Mother Country” David Jennings, January 20, Marco Dondero, November 1, Ben Dondero, November 17, Bret Wickham, December 7, Art Kirsch, March 9, But they lived, ate, and preached with him. We do not live under the thumb of a monarch or a dictator, we live in a free country. Kirkwood, July 4, Marco Dondero, January 4, We then must take up our cross and follow our Master every day, every minute.

Or whether we try to hide, or even deny, that we are known of God as did Peter after they led Christ away to the crucifixion. On many occasions and in many ways Daniel showed this; We need to remember the words written in the gospel of Luke.

Joshua Gallagher, October 24, James Robinson, December 2, Ted Sleeper, August 14, If the world has so perverted the Truth that it calls evil good and good evil then we need to take heed to that warning and arm ourselves by the renewing of our minds and the strengthening of our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died that we might live Jim Seagoe, August 12, Instead of heading east by land, Jonah went west by sea! That question is this: Gary Cousens, Nehemiah Class 4: Today we are members of Christ’s body, and we need to be performing our individual tasks for the common good of the Ecclesia of God, so that we might be fitly joined together.


Fruit of the spirit refers to the good things we get from the spirit whether it is the spirit inspired word or the teachings of the apostles who taught with the power of the Holy Spirit.

If this country started a policy to arrest and persecutes all Christians, would we be arrested, or would we be released because of lack of evidence?

Ben Gallagher, June 15, James Robinson, August 20, Luke Burow, November 28, Nick Parino, October 2, James Robinson, December 11,