Buy D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. D-Day has ratings and reviews. Matt said: Christmas break, my sophomore year in college, I went to England and France with my brother, my dad. Beevor has established a solid reputation as a chronicler of WWII’s great eastern front battles: Stalingrad and Berlin. In addressing D-Day.

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Contrarians love to point out how the USSR fought bigger battles, lost more men, and drained the Third Reich like an enormous leech.

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor: review

It is extremely detailed giving the movements and actions down to company levels. With 11 of the 13 amphibious trucks carrying howitzers sinking, some men landing miles from the designated sites, and German mortar shell explosions turning beach pebbles into grapeshot, the beach soon resembled an abattoir.

New to me in this account were details and totals of French casualties and of the destruction of French towns from allied shelling and bombing. May 24, David rated it it was amazing. Anyone who’s read Stephen Ambrose will recognize this as a direct contradiction of the heart-warming twaddle that he peddles, and perhaps Ambrose doesn’t warrant explicit insult.


The Hammer and Anvil.

And by the time the Allies reached Paris — well, let me quote Beevor. This is deceptive as when you search for this title this is the “sponsored listing” veevor comes up. Dec 13, Michael Flanagan rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Germans were still heavily relying on horse drawn equipment. Dec 22, Mikey B.

Not as cay as Beevor’s earlier books on Stalingrad or the fall of Berlin. Which means, of course, coverage of the mistakes, atrocities by both sidesand friendly-fire accidents classic writers like Corneleus Ryan overlooked.

The Battle for Normandy, thd he does not disappoint. And, after all, we had just bombed the hell out of Normandy. Product details File Size: Return to Book Page. The Battle of the Bocage. More from the web. Perhaps the problem is that this is much more heavily plowed ground. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Review: D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor | Books | The Guardian

Only about half of the book is about D-Day itself, for it continues with the breakout from Normandy, the bomb plot against Hitler, the closing of the Falaise Gap, and goes all the way to the liberation of Paris. There is also a chapter devoted to the July antonh plot against Adolf Hitler. From the Hardcover edition. Its focus can be found in its subtitle: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.


geevor When you read one of his books, you know you are in good hands. This book takes us up to the liberation of Paris during August. But they were new to war and had many more soldiers in reserve compared to the British and Canadians. To be sure, Beevor has some harsh words for many of the Allies, particularly Montgomery whose reputation was always questioned, but who has taken an even more severe beating in the postwar years.

Fair stood the wind for France

A former novelist it is now often forgotten that before concentrating on his historical work in the s, this author published four works of fictionBeevor is very good on what might in a novel or film be called the kitbag scene, in which equipment is assembled, in this case in preparation for jumping from the C aircraft that would deliver paratroopers to the assault zone: Also notable is DeGaulle’s presence.

Dec 01, William rated it liked it. How badly were the Canadians led?