UNOFFICIAL DEGEN DE MANUAL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DEGENusan. ITIENTIFIED ARTISTI. DE FLANDET/PE. MEER. EERS. 早年 的世r口国. Download DEGEN DE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. addition, I received many letters from DE users with their comments and .. The receiver manual states that the nominal charging current is mA.

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I was curious about some of the analogdigital hybrids, in which an analog tuner is fitted with digital readout.

SSB is stable, and the fine tune dial feels smooth and solid. Spectrum analyzers can manually be tuned to various portions of the spectrum to visually display signals and some have audio recovery, but they tend to be large and expensive.

Detailed specs of the and Degen line can be found at: To print the manual completely, please, download it. I was holding out for the ideal radio which de11103 meet my list of desired features: Got it, continue to print.

I worry the 40 level is high enough to damage the speaker. When running on AC power, with the light switch on, the lights are always on. To get the lights to come on without changing your settings, punch any of the direct entry digit buttons. My normal listening volume is between 8 and 12, 20 at the most to fill the room. See October Monitoring Times for my comparison of these two sets. Optional antennas are available from Optoelectronics, but the standard BNC connector accepts an endless number of widelyavailable antennas.


LCD will on when choosing stereo.

DEGEN DE User`s manual |

D1103 is not a selective, sensitive receiver that can distinguish between closely-spaced, weak or distant signals, nor does the display sweep or refresh quickly enough dr1103 show digital bursts, spread spectrum, frequency hopping, pulse, or single-signal waveforms. Apparently it accomplishes this quick sweep of a vast amount of spectrum through the use of a proprietary comb-generating variablefrequency oscillator, mixing a large number of separate oscillator frequencies simultaneously.

Underneath the direct entry buttons are seven more buttons: When near a station, you can use two fingers to turn the jog dial wheel slowly to find the exact frequency. Turn mmanual dial wheel to adjust minutes. Any memory with a letter in its label from 0A to FE; there is no FF can only be accessed by the jog dial in memory mode.

The sweep circuitry of the X Sweeper does emit RF noise into its immediate environment; while using it in my car I was unable to listen to weak and moderate FM signals on my car radio.

If there were fair signals on andthey would be listenable with the narrow IF, though manuzl not on andbut Radio Thailand is extremely strong in my area. This is an inconvenient setup when fumbling in the darkness at the bedside to enter a memory or frequency, where the traditional telephone-pad layout can be operated by touch.

Availability I bought my from eBay seller Liypn, a gentleman in Hong Kong who, unlike some of the other sellers, offers a one year warranty on the radio. I always use the wire indoors, though just about all stations come in using the whip.


The dark model has a flat gray finish, with the aluminum face painted a matte milk chocolate color. Everything works well, from the sleep timer and alarms to the tuning knob and SSB fine tuning. Many interesting emissions from modern office equipment were revealed but no bugs were found!

After setting, press to confirm. Your positions on each of the 12 bands on the dial face are remembered, unless you switch to memory mode, when they are effaced by presets.


Using Antenna SW antenna. Spans of frequency bands may be swept from user-selectable widths of 0. A huge plus was its scroll wheel which tunes in 1 kHz increments, and it was also fairly small. Presets numbered can be accessed through direct-entry. The supplied telescoping whip enabled reception manuzl two-way base stations from several miles away using the monitoring function.

DEGEN DE1103 Operation Manual

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The new Optoelectronics X Sweeper expands technology embodied in a previous Opto product, their Xplorer, offering a continuous frequency de1013 from MHz 3 GHz less cellular except on government modelsand sweeping, acquiring and memorizing active frequencies in that entire range in as little as one second.

To tune to frequencies outside these bands, you must enter them, or a memory, directly but coverage is complete, from kHz.