Sheikh Ahmed Deedat held a firm belief in open and sincere In , he debated Jimmy Swaggart and even challenged the late Pope John. Free Islamic debate mp3 by sheikh ahmed deedat. Ahmad Deedat محاضرات ومناظرات الشيخ احمد ديدات رحمة الله عليه مترجم. This App brings you audio debate.

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Shorrosh when he had his rebuttal again failed to show anything. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the name brought notoriety to swafgart organisation.

Trump on North Korea: From the above reasons, we can conclude that the winner of the debate was undoubtedly Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and not Anis Shorrosh. Which Is God’s Word. He in his 75 minutes did not touch any point raised by Ahmed Deedat.


Ahmed Deedat – Wikipedia

An Indian immigrant who moved to join his father in the South African city of Durban at the age of nine, Deedat proved himself an excellent student before poverty forced him out of school and into work.

Only a missionary can think of such a logic! Just because you throw more than red herrings, does it prove that you are victorious? The audience immediately thought that this guy was a joke and they all started laughing at him. Deedat even called for Muslims to revisit their faith, and saw Christian challenges to Islam on the content of the Quran as a way of strengthening the religion to which he devoted his life. And in Australia, where Deedat gave a tour shortly before his stroke, Franca Arena – a member of New South Wales’ legislative council – gave a speech on racism, in which she claimed that during his tour, Deedat “indulged in Bible-bashing and incited racial hatred”.

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat | Islam | Al Jazeera

The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate. See, he had 75 long minutes and since he was speaking second, he was obliged to reply to the point by Sheikh Deedatbut he NEVER did it. On the other hand, Deedat received heavy criticism from liberal Muslim groups in South Africa which felt he inaccurately represented Islam and was intolerant of people of other religions, including Christians, Hindus, Jews and Jains.


Shorrosh was using this dumb logic in a debate. Sign up for our Newsletter. King Faisal International Prize Tayob also expressed admiration for how Deedat’s work gave a sense of pride to “non-white” Muslims in apartheid-era South Africa.

Deedat’s debates and writings have been labelled a form of apologetics [4] by Lloyd V. Instead Deedat proclaimed that the Quran urges Muslims to “invite all to the ways of the Lord with wisdom, the sword of the intellect … and with beautiful preaching; and reason with [cynics] in the ways that swqggart best and most gracious.

Messenger of Peace”, was delivered in to an audience of fifteen people at a Durban cinema named Avalon Cinema. What draws Kenyan women to join al-Shabab and what challenges are they facing when they return swaghart their communities? And that is the legacy of [Ahmed] Deedat.

Deedat debated with televangelist Jimmy Swaggart in November The reason is because Shorrosh tried to be cunning, but after all truth always prevails. These were the replies that he was giving.

The debate was on the Quran and the Swaggadt not about Masudi or any Christian scholar. August 8 marks 10 years since Deedat’s death of kidney failure at the deexat of His son, Yousuf Deedat, deeadt him a “lion of the stage”. He learned to communicate through a series of eye-movements via a chart whereby he would form words and sentences by swqggart letters read to him. Now what do you call victory in a debate? Sheikh Deedat’s own words are telling in this regard. Then Shorrosh came to speak for his 75 minutes, he did not touch any point by Sheikh Deedat.


He said that Rushdie “is a hypocrite and has blasphemed holy personalities. I am all for freedom of speech, but our leaders should show some understanding and, above all, respect for the views and beliefs of others. And when he went on television interviews, the first question the presenter would ask is: Seeing the popularity of the classes, Mr.

The Disciples’ original writings declare that Jesus never got crucified. Religion Islam Africa South Africa.

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

Islam and Christianity were initially printed in April ; [36] this book was very popular in the s, available for free at many missionary outlets across North America. But Yousuf Deedat maintains swaghart his father’s mission was a peaceful one. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn’t killed the Soviet ambassador to Xwaggart Arabia. Ahmed Deedat debated with Palestinian Anis Shorrosh several times.

Ghana gas station blasts kill at least seven. Retrieved from ” https: Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate.

Search and find articles and topics quickly and defdat Arriving in South Africa, Deedat applied himself with diligence to his studies, overcoming the language barrier and excelling in school, even getting promoted until he completed standard vvs.

Yousuf Deedat recalls how former South African President Nelson Mandela called his father during a presidential visit to Saudi Arabia intelling him that wherever he went, people inquired about the Muslim scholar. Archived 17 May at the Wayback Machine.