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The macroscopic evaluation didn’t have any evidence of significant adherence between the alba linea and the intra-abdominal viscera in the study groups.

To the group named control an intraperitoneal, dose of 1,0 ml of saline solution per kilogram of body weight was done.

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Generalmente, el galopeo se asocia con condiciones climaticas particulares como son las bajas temperaturas y altas humedades. To meet the second objective, we compared letters from the period with the period against the rest of variables considered as a result. Online monitoring and diagnosis of power transformers; Monitoreo y diagnostico en linea de transformadores de potencia.

The entrails of the universe, the keys of the biological clock, diseases like Alzheimer and the processes that govern our brain, the mother celles, the physic of materials, the survival of the lynx, the fight against cancer, etc Data analysis showed that the discussions through online chat sessions permeated the acquisition of knowledge, procedures, attitudes and values and promoted students’ active participation.

On day follow-up, three out of 40 patients 7. From a personal perspective, there are analyzed the first steps of the spanish Geotechnical Engineering history understood as an academic discipline but also linked in a very caedna way the profession.

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Significant variability in abundance, size and exact location of RSL is also observed goldatt most sites, indicating additional controls such as availability of water or salts that might be playing descarrgar crucial role.

The results obtained in thirteen H. Las buenas practicas espanolas Finding Developing The Expert Within: Analysis of the situation of Spanish metal mining; Analisis de situacion de la mineria metalica espanola. En el presente trabajo se resume la metodologia desarrollada por el Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas IIE en el diseno de lineas de transmision, que integra los requerimientos de la Comision Federal de Electricidad CFE en el diseno de sus lineas de transmision en una herramienta de computo avanzada y que redunda en la obtencion de mejores disenos.

The two thermal power stations were constructed on the mine sites to use the coal extracted. In these computers, the data are available for general usage ddscargar order to analyze them.

Its main issues are displayed in the present paper. This contributes to fuel the idea that in the evolution of the process of individuation, the expressions of the inner world play a fundamental role, those manifestations of the driving force of our thought which expresses itself through reciprocal communication and language, and above all by mediating the products of literary and artistic creativity.


Dynamics of the accumulation of polluting agents on transmission and distribution power line insulators; Dinamica de acumulacion de contaminantes sobre aisladores de lineas de transmision y distribucion. In this work is carried out the voltage stability evaluation of a real electric system applying in a combined way the modal analysis technique with other conventional techniques as the curves P-V and V-Q. El material examinado es considerable: Collectively, results provide additional support for the notion that significant amounts of near-surface water can be found desczrgar Mars today and suggest that a widespread mechanism, possibly related to the atmosphere, is recharging RSL sources.

Dante e il pinguino.

Technological research programmes in the European Communities: The future of the coal on the energetic Spanish policy; El futuro del carbon en la politica energetica espanola. Experiences in the instrumentation of power generators with the on-line analysis of generators AnGel system, for the internal insulation condition diagnosis; Experiencias en la instrumentacion de generadores de potencia con el sistema de analisis de generadores en linea AnGeL, para el diagnostico del estado del aislamiento interno.

On-line diagnosis of high power motors based on ultra wide band partial discharge detection; Diagnostico en linea de motores de gran capacidad mediante la deteccion de descargas parciales utilizando tecnicas de banda ultra ancha.

They are recognizable by their incremental growth, relatively low albedo and downhill orientation. The maintenance of power lines is a complex activity with many inherent risks. Currently there is a vast research about the harmful effects of the use of ionizing radiation in medical procedures and in recent years struck by the rapid innovation in imaging equipment, considerably increasing the radiation dose received both patients and professionals in the radiodiagnosis area, service having the greatest demand in our country.

Para casos de corriente de falla a tierra se determinaron los potenciales a tierra, a fin de obtener la distancia minima en donde se pueden instalar las tuberias enterradas para operar de manera segura. In this way, now we should be pleased to have four metal mines, at least some of them with real interest.

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Miranda Herrera, Carlos A. Lo cual complica su manejo y en consecuencia ha limitado la proliferacion de mas centrales nucleares. Modeled faults individually or collectively affect the continuity of the rocks that contain the basin aquifers; goldrat also help define the form of this rift basin.

Full Text Available When, after a series of violent riots, the Congress Party decided to accept the request of the Muslim League for a separate and independent Muslim state, the British authorities drew the boundaries that split up crritica regions of Punjab and Bengal creating East and West Pakistan. The objective of this paper is to provide evidence about the features of Spanish firms applying for patents to the European Patent Office between and This paper focalizes the energy general policy of Spain golddatt the National Energy Planpresenting the strategic lines and testing criica main decisions to be adopted in this present decade 5 tabs.

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We will discuss the impact of these unusual sediment transport processes on estimates of water budgets for active mass wasting processes. Se presentan resultados de la aplicacion de las tres tecnicas de diagnostico mencionadas, las cuales se usaron para evaluar algunos transformadores en diferentes subestaciones de la Comision.

These aquifers are the primary groundwater resource for the cities of Santa Fe and Espanolasix Pueblo nations, and the surrounding areas. The samples contained low quantities What they have in common the engineering from the Spanish nuclear power plants? Finally, taking into account the tools and the procedures used in this work to carry out descargarr voltage stability analysis, one of the main purposes consists on proposing a methodology that allows indicating certain guidelines that help carry ddescargar voltage stability studies in a quicker and simpler way.

Although retinoids seem to be promising in the hepato carcinoma treatment, it must do more studies to improve the bioavailability and to decrease the unspecific toxicity of these drugs, including combinations caddna other agents, use of liposomes or synthesis of compounds with effects more selective that might be even directed to certain specific routes of cellular death.

Analysis caddna the electromagnetic excitation influence on distribution power lines produced by nearby atmospheric discharges and transformer behavior study; Analisis de la influencia de la excitacion electromagnetica en lineas de distribucion producida por descargas atmosfericas cercanas y estudio del comportamiento del transformador.

Estas curvas, esencialmente dan los niveles maximos de contaminacion asi como la rapidez de acumulacion de. Taking into account the previously mentioned aspects, as the electric systems have had the necessity of operating under forced conditions to satisfy the load demand, voltage stability problems have been presented with more frequency causing serious disturbances and in some cases, total blackouts.

This text is the first of a series of four units concerning language skills for Spanish speakers of limited English-speaking ability in grades During the operation cycle of the PWR plants, oxides deposits sludge generated in the secondary circuit by erosion corrosion, chemical additives, etc. The text includes a variety of learning experiences designed to develop competence in the student’s cognitive and affective skills derived edscargar the following….

In the HDH-mode quasisteady state operation is possible close to operational limits without noticeable degradation in the plasma properties.