For Disgaea DS on the DS, FAQ/Walkthrough by atomaster. Disgaea Compilation Strategy Guide (DS, PSP, PS2) [Double Jump] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a compilation guide for. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness – The Official Strategy Guide by Double Jump ( ) Paperback [Double Disgaea Compilation Strategy Guide (DS, PSP, PS2 ).

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This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. A series of quick tips to make the first few levels easier. Mostly based on my memories of the PS2 version, so inaccuracies may happen.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Character creation bug – New UI. Combat – leveraging combos and chain attacks. Experience, Mentoring and Weapon Mastery.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts. Stealing – barebones basics. Simple work-around, in your game settings, switch to the old UI before creating a new character. Before we get started properly, let’s get something out of the way. For identifying any specific levels, there’s a convention that’s been used since the game got first released on PS2, which is to refer to a level by giving the episode number followed by the map number in the storyline progression.

Tutorial maps aren’t included in Episode I counts. So level for example refers to Vyer’s Castle, Blessed Court. One popular exception is the bonus episode 16, Cave of Ordeal.

This is typically abbreviated as CoO, and CoO3 is a shorthand you will encounter in most leveling guides, as it’s the easiest one to grind to max level. Speaking of grinding levels, another popular one for low level exp grinding isa map called Terrible Cold. You’ll find both mentioned in tons of decade-old discussions.

In the first tutorial level, once you get control, there are a few simple things to remember: Only the Execute command ends the turn for all active characters that have an action queued up. Any character that has moved at the time of launching an execute command, but didn’t have any actions set, can cancel its movement and move again. This is important for combos. To trigger a combo, characters must be in a square immediately adjacent to the attacker.

To its left, right, or behind. The character immediately next to the opponent attacks, and may or not trigger a combo while doing so. Regardless, you can then cancel out the movement of all other characters, place them differently, and try for another combo.

Combos have higher damage than single attacks. Alternatively, chain attacks occur when multiple characters attack the same opponent within the same Execute command. Provided every attack hits, a mulitplier gets added on every step of the chain. You can combo on a chain: Place Laharl right in front of an opponent, two prinnies to Laharl’s left and right, and Etna armed with her spear, a long range weapon behind him, and queue up an attack for Etna then Laharl.

Etna will hit, followed by Laharl for a chain bonus, possibly triggering a combo while doing so. Once this is done, you can cancel the move on the prinnies, place them differently, and try for a combo attack.


Note that you can either move and execute, or execute an action and THEN move. Thanks to Sanic for the below – it’s been driving me crazy for a day: To zoom in or out of the battle map, you need to hit the following key simultaneously: You can control the entire game using just the mouse one handed for the most part Hold right click and move up and down to zoom in and out.

Hold right click move right and left to rotate. Hold left click and move the mouse to move the map. Click on units to gyide them, right click to cancel moves and attacks, right click an empty space to bring up menu.

You can change the orientation of your characters on the battle map when they’re selected: To gain experience, only the kill counts. In a combo that results sfrategy a kill, all characters that participated in the combo will gain experience.

Mana a currency you need at the Dark Assembly, among many other things to create new characters is also gained on kills and matches the level of the enemy killed.

There is or used to be a complicated method to min max all your characters using transmigration. There’s a whole FAQ that is most likely still valid straetgy can be found on Gamefaqs that explains the details. Simply put, don’t bother with transmigrations at all until you hit level In particular, you need to be able to use the Dark Assembly and increase your rank, which means passing a test.

The first rank is easy enough, but even rank 2 can become a bit challenging at first, if you don’t have the needed levels and weapon skills. This level has invincible geo panels, which allow you to grind experience without danger.

Disgaea DS FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by atomaster – GameFAQs

The above note about transmigration has an exception – every few levels with a new character class will unlock a better version of that character class.

It can be worth doing single transmigrations to get a character to the next tier, as they have better stats and weapon affinities overall. Speaking of which, you should definitely keep an eye on these weapon affinities. Every humanoid class has a different set of weapons they are good with, ranking from S best to E worst.

This influences how quickly you can unlock specific weapon skills.

Disgaea DS FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for DS – GameFAQs

With a couple of exceptions, try to avoid matching classes with weapons ranking worse than B. As a rule of thumb, on your first playthrough, you’re looking at characters at levels between and at strtegy end of the regular game – a far cry from the level cap the game offers.

While most story levels don’t lend themselves to massive geo chains you can get these when playing in the item world laterit’s still useful to understand how to plan for your geo chains properly. The basic principle is simple: Once you start a geo chain by destroying one of those coloured pyramids the Geo Symbolsit will damage anything currently standing on a pannel of the same colour than the one on which the geo symbol gets destroyed on.

The panels will be turned to the colour of strateyy symbol you destroyed. Every Geo symbol hit by a geo chain effect will always be destroyed. If you were smart in positioning the symbols, you can create a chain reaction.

Let’s look at the geo panel tutorial map, the third tutorial, on strstegy this works in case you’re confused: Here’s the start situation. The way this map is set up clues you in on how this all works. There’s one single spot with no colour on it, simply moving there and destroying the blue symbol will start off a geo chain that will eventually clear the whole map.


Take note of the position of the Blue, Yellow and the transluscent “Null” symbols on the map. Here you see the chain already started – the panel on which Laharl stands is clear, so he won’t be affected by the chain reaction.

Disgaea .pdf Strategy Guide!!

He destroyed a blue geo symbol that was on a red panel. As a consequence, all red panels are being turned blue. Once the blue chain hits the yellow symbol which is hidden behind the chain counter hereyou will see a chain reaction set off – the yellow symbol es destroyed, and once all red panels are turned to blue, guidf blue panels will turn yellow. Finally, the transluscent symbol or “Null” symbol will be hit by the yellow reaction, then turn all yellow panels transparent, clearing the map.

The damage the chain reaction deals gets bigger on every pass, wiping whole maps in one go and your party if you’re not careful. To take advantage of that, you need to know that there are six colours of Geo Panels unless changed from the PS2 version, but I haven’t yet seen anything different: Cyan Geo Symbols can be of 6 colours as well: Purple In order to make the longest chain reaction, a few simple rules: The colour on which you destroy the first geo symbol must have another symbol on it If there’s a third symbol to destroy, it must be on the colour of the symbol you destroy Symbols with the “No Color Change” effect must be the first you destroy to set off a chain Invincible symbols can be destroyed through a chain, throwing them onto an enemy, or throwing an enemy onto them Remember that the next step on a chain reaction always starts where the next symbol in sequence got destroyed, and that the chain effect spirals from that point.

This can easily lead to errors on long chain reactions If you are going to clear the map, make sure the Null symbol gets hit last. The planing of your chain reaction is essential. The rule of thumb is – each guise that gets destroyed should lead to another destruction I’ll post some example drawings tomorrow. A few illustrated examples Consider the following map set-up: You have a couple of choices: Destroy the green symbol to create a chain reaction that will eventually clear the map: Green turns all red panels green, and hits the red symbol on the first pass.

Then all green panels that is, the entire map turn red again, and the 2nd chain destroys de, then the Null symbol. The next portion turns the entire map yellow, and finally clears all geo panels.

All green panels will gide yellow, destroying the Null symbol in the first chain. On the next pass, all yellow panels get cleared. The red panels and everything on them remains untouched. Hit the Null Symbol: All green panels get cleared. The red panels remain untouched.