SUPERTASCABILI) (ITALIAN EDITION) BY DOMINIQUE LAPIERRE PDF reading routine, included this sort of this Un Arcobaleno Nella Notte (Narrativa. Buy Un arcobaleno nella notte by Dominique Lapierre, E. Klersy Imberciadori from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new . Results 49 – 64 of 64 Un Dolar Cada Mil Kilometros. October by Dominique Lapierre and Laura Paredes . Un arcobaleno nella notte (Narrativa.

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There was a time when I chanced upon the Indian passport of one of my uncles lying on the table. To be honest, I didn’t know what to feel when I was reading this book. I vaguely remember a college debate amongst friends talking about South Africa pulling out of Cricket World Cup if the referendum on Apartheid was not successful in favor of http: And I was shocked by the presentation of Dutch Calvinism that resulted in their conquest of South Africa; I suspect that the author is oversimplifying the Voertrekker beliefs and quoting statements that moved dominiqu story la;ierre, while not logically making much sense.

A seal in indelible blue ink proclaimed that the passport is valid for travel to any country except the Republic of South Africa. They made a paradise of the semi arid wilderness. On board one of the ships was a man called Jan van Riebeeck, who was a surgeon.

Nov 23, MinG rated it it was amazing. Part One of the book covers the period of three centuries between the Dutch men Jan Van Riebeeck setting foot on the Cape of Good Hope in and the ascendancy of the National Party to power in I’m already fairly clear that it blew pretty seriously.


Lapierre ha il grande dono di saper raccontare la storia come un romanzo.

Un arcobaleno nella notte

Appendices can lead interested readers to more in-depth books on the people involved in the introduction and to the end of apartheid in South Africa. Their saga—bloody, ferocious, In a small group of Dutch farmers landed on the southernmost tip of Africa.

The book still gets four stars, principally because I think it’s SO accessible that I hope it’ll be read by people who wouldn’t tackle a denser book or a more nuanced history about South Africa. Did South Africa make any other great scientific contributions to the world?

A Rainbow in the Night: The Tumultuous Birth of South Africa by Dominique Lapierre

Byafter training in Nazi Germany, the white leaders create a totalitarian police state based on the Bible, white supremacy and a laughable, cruel race science. But Lapierre doesn’t give us a good picture of what was happening in the rest of the country.

This book gave an engaging overview of the history of South Africa. Refresh and try again. It was really instructive, interesting, inspiring and revolting.

I think it is must read for those interested vominique history of apartheid.

Quite a depressing read that ends on a good note. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian award in the Republic Day honours list.

: Dominique Lapierre – History: Books

It was only yesterday afterall. What can I do for the better future? A poignant, very well written history of South Africa’s birth and rebirth after apartheid’s end. Fascinating story and a wonderful read. What would happen if my uncle happens to land at the border post of South Africa while on his journey and which is to be traversed to reach his designation? In a bout of good luck, they were not sent to gallows, but were awarded imprisonment for life in Much to the chagrin of them, the British landed in the country in to outsmart the post-revolutionary French forces.


But all in all,Dominique Lapierre provides an interesting way to learn history. Their saga—bloody, ferocious, and fervent—would culminate three centuries later in one of the greatest tragedies of history: It pains me slightly to give this book four stars, because while parts of it are amazing, and all of it tells an amazing story, too much of it tells an amazing story in overwrought, hand-wringing fashion.

Were there any other do gooders fighting peacefully against apartheid? An idea that was planned as brutally and as comprehensively as Hitler had done for Nazi Germany against Jews. Return to Book Page. Called apartheidit was a poisonous system that would only end with the liberation from prison of one of the moral giants of our time, Nelson Mandela.

The caption says that on June 16,schoolchildren in the largest black township in South Africa, Soweto, where speaking out against apartheid authorities who wanted them to learn Afrikaans, the language of whites, in all schools of blacks.