The GMC DUKW was an acronym combining several designations, The DUKW on a supply action, acting as a marine truck between the. Although technically a misnomer, DUKWs are often referred to as duck boats. DUKW’s in Action. The DUKW was used in landings in the Pacific, in North Africa, . DUKW in action in action. By Timothy J. Kutta. Color by Don Greer. Illustrated by Perry Manley ституттуктору. M титлатилишига милиционирхох.

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With two notable exceptions: Upon the wonderful efficiency of this system.

While the sction gawk at the sights, the natives gawk at the DUKWs. They told me they could take it up those rocks just the way they did in World War II. But there are enough memories and declassified records to document how the DUKW was born in a mere 42 days. On March 20, dukkw, Maj. Bush, who had been vice president of MIT, had made his secretive agency independent of the military, turning to universities and industry actipn scientists and engineers.

His team would help build the atomic bomb and bring to the war such innovations as radar, the bazooka, mine detectors and the proximity fuse. Bush handed the project to his chief technical aide, Palmer Cosslett Putnam, who had a reputation for getting things atcion.

On April 21, Putnam contracted with a subsidiary of General Motors to design, build and test the new vehicle. Three days later, a GM team began putting together a model made of wood, sheet metal and cardboard.

Working through a weekend, they finished it on Monday, April dukww D for the model year ; U for utility truck, amphibious; K for front-wheel drive; and W for dual rear-driving axles. He came up with a welded hull that fit snugly under the chassis of a standard Army truck. Even in water, the driver steered normally; when the front wheels turned, so did a rudder at the stern.

By June 2, engineers had a pilot model, which they tested on land and, the next day, in a lake near Pontiac, Michigan, with 63 designers and builders on board. In water, the DUKW could go 5 miles per hour; on land duow top speed was 50 mph.


[PDF] DUKW in action – Armor No. 35 Full Online

That summer, he and the engineers worked on getting their DUKWs in a row. He invited some 90 officers and civilians to a demonstration off Aaction, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, in the first week of December The plan called for a covey of DUKWs to unload a ship and carry her cargo inland. Then, on the night of December 1, a storm of near-hurricane force hit Provincetown.

As the Rose made for port, winds of 60 mph slammed her onto a sandbar, where she began to break up. Stephens promptly loaded marine photographer Stanley Rosenfeld and several others onto a DUKW, which then roared down the beach, plunged into the surf and headed for the Rose.

Maneuvering the DUKW alongside the foundering craft, Stephens picked up the seven-man crew and returned to shore. Rosenfeld headed for his New York studio, printed the actio rescue photos, got on a train to Washington and handed them to actio high-ranking Army official.

At the Provincetown demonstrations four days later, in ten-foot waves, the DUKWs unloaded cargo and a gun battery from a Liberty ship in record time, and carried howitzers and men through surf and dkkw sand dunes.

Army observers were enthusiastic about the demonstration, but higher brass, still unable to fit the amphibians into any tactical plan, remained unconvinced.

Somehow, 55 of the still-unloved hybrids wound up in Algeria, where Lt. He i for as many as he could get, and when American and British troops stormed ashore beginning July 10, ,so did some 1, DUKWs.

The amphibious vehicles bore men and ammunition onto the beaches—and, acton some cases, tied up traffic farther inland in the narrow Sicilian streets. While rough seas stymied Navy landing craft, Army DUKWs plunged in and out of the surf, shuttling supplies and reinforcements ashore.

Actiin soldiers, segregated into all-black units during World War II, were typically assigned to supply or construction duty, often behind the lines. But those assigned to DUKWs often found themselves under fire. These men challenged the existing prejudices against blacks in combat positions.

For landings in heavy surf, Marine drivers learned to gun the engine and ride the waves, landing well up onshore. By the ij the war ended inGM actionn built 21, DUKWs, many of which would end their days rusting away on Pacific battlefields or in forgotten storage depots in Europe.

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Those that made it back to the United States joined the gargantuan postwar garage sale. Some DUKWs served as rescue vehicles for fire departments in floodprone towns. Hundreds were converted to odd-looking dump trucks or wreckers, and some went to sea. Melvin Flath, owner of a Milwaukee trucking firm, was the first person to put the amphibians to sight-seeing service, having picked one up at a war-surplus truck auction in He installed some used bus seats and began charging50 cents for rides around a local lake.

Gradually, the tourist DUKW idea took off. By the s, more than a million passengers a year were taking the tourist plunge in approximately DUKWs around the country. Today, no one knows precisely how many DUKWs there are in the United States, though estimates range from to 1, many owned by collectors.

Then came May 1, About yards from shore, the craft began filling with water and sank in 30 seconds. Thirteen people, including three children, drowned. Investigators blamed the tragedy on dkkw dislodged rubber seal. The Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board moved swiftly to recommend tighter inspections and impose new safety requirements. McDowell, who also runs a small military museum, added that building the amphibians from scratch is probably more costeffective.

Like old soldiers, DUKWs never die; they just fade away. Subscribe or Give a Gift. Humans Reached the Roof of the World 40, Years. Learning to Speak Latino.

Science Age of Humans. A New Treatment for Blindness. America’s Most Revolutionary Artist. At the Smithsonian Visit.

[PDF] DUKW in action – Armor No. 35 Full Online – video dailymotion

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