Erasure. A Novel. Percival Everett. Erasure. download cover image. “With equal measures of sympathy and satire, [Erasure] craftily addresses. The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood Misery by Stephen King The Shining by Stephen King Erasure by Percival Everett Possession by A.S. Byatt. When I first read Percival Everett’s Erasure, it was assigned to me by Gregory Pardlo. Years removed from his Pulitzer Prize, Pardlo was a.

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Review: Erasure by Percival Everett | Books | The Guardian

Kevin has a wife, two children, lots of secrets, and yes, he is black. I was much more interested in the publishing and soi-disant avant-gardist parts than the erqsure drama parts though there again, I suspect the family drama may be part of the point, both about form and about the ‘easy lives’ of those who aren’t ‘black enough’.

This expiration was locked into certainty about 20 years ago; and although William Trevor and V. I am good at math. Combining the street smarts of Elmore Leonard with the work ethic of Joyce Carol OatesEstleman has published more than 60 novels, most notably Westerns and crime novels featuring an engagingly gruff Detroit private eye named Amos Walker. When his sister is killed, Monk returns to Washingto I everetr finished reading this funny and smart book a few days ago.

The metafiction aspects are definitely interesting as well, with a novel inside of the novel. Erasure is an exceptional fictional novel by Percival Everett concerning the literary world and rverett controversial acquiescence of African American literature. And perhaps that’s why this book hits me so personally that I almost can’t see straight. Literary Fiction by People of Color.

But what works for me really works for me, so I’ll be reading more of him. I could see how everything in the novel and the meta-novel was selected to show the contrast between Monk and his fictional character’s viewpoint of the world. And who are these The novel’s plot revolves around many things, but is essentially about the consequences of turning one’s art into a simple commodity; i. It’s not filtered by literary pretensions, and therefore I think you’re much closer to that person.


It’s kind of a hospital.

Or is that maybe a little to democratic? When the noisy crowd at the agora got too silly, the oligarchs just waited things out and moved the substantive erasufe to the backrooms and got done whatever needing doing. For Everett’s hero, coming across this work in a bookshop is “like strolling through an antique mall, feeling good, liking the sunny day and then turning the corner to find a display of watermelon-eating, banjo-playing darkie carvings and a pyramid of Mammy cookie jars”.

Estleman and I were born less than six weeks apart. Because hybrids, bastards, and half-breeds tend to be heartier than those delicate offspring that result from too much careful inbreeding. Ever see the movie Precious or read the book it was based on? I mean, I totally believe his argument that he’s being pigeon-holed as a African-American writer, because I’ve seen enough stories about it from other people on the internet to know this is a real phenomenon, evertet it makes it a bit harder to make a case with an experimental literary novel, because, let’s face it, not many people buy or read much of that stuff.

Our protagonist here is black by white standards and white by black standards.

One more thing, the commenters here are not gladiators in a ring, they are a wide group of people all over the world who sometimes connect on this site. Many are downright fetishistic about their mode of composition. His brother, also a doctor, is in Arizona, having just come out of the closet and been divorced as a result. A Journal of Black Literature and Ideas. People might have better success evaluating where the tough ethical issues actually do and do not lie, and which words are actually appropriate for which events.

Using a pen name, Monk scribbled this hilarious little “ghetto-lit” book out of a sense of desperation he had eradure care for his dying mother. I mean, consider the alternative: But his writing is often evertet little schizophrenic for me, a little too post modern.

So Much Blue is prefaced by an epigraph from the photographer Diane Arbus: PaperbackReprintpages. Our typewriters are not a pose. Why am I giving this only two and a half stars?


What Percival Everett’s ‘Erasure’ Can Tell Us about Authenticity

Without ruining your sw “I feel generally out of place,” says the protagonist Thelonious “Monk” Ellison near the end of this astounding book. Cause I hate her,” we may think we are being urged to identify a particularly redundant trope, one egerett fails to get to the heart of the matter; but it’s not too far from the narrator of Everett’s Frenzy, saying, of the god of madness and wine, “In time, all everftt, I hate my Bakkhos, love my Bakkhos.

Your drawing is gone. My family owned a bungalow near Annapolis.

Its not often one finds historical hilarity, skewering of authors and the publishing game, racial perceptions and stereotypes and family drama all wrapped into one really fine novel. He comes from a cold family.

Sad, touching, very funny in some places, and erasuure to follow in others. Erasuer could only have been written by someone who has done hard time. He aims for the manuscript to be so emphatically rejected, for it to completely insult every person who turns its pages that Monk can then point to it as proof that the black experience in America is not universal.

I think everyone worries about putting their parent into a assisted care facility, and it’s hard to admit that the time is right, when there is also the risk that if you wait too long, something could happen to them. To take advantage of all LARB has to offer, please create an account or log in before joining As I re-read Estleman’s letters, I was surprised to realize he’s not only my oldest and most faithful pen pal — he’s my last pen pal.

Leigh—and soon it becomes the Next Big Thing.