Read this review of The Secret Behind the Secret e-Book by Dr. Eric Amidi to learn how you can successfully apply the law of attraction in your personal life to . I am not sure if you have read and reviews the book titled “The Secret behind the secret”. The author of the book is Dr. Eric Amidi who seems to. The Secret Behind The Secret created by Dr. Eric Amidi is a breakthrough program giving exactly steps for people to achieve anything desired.

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Amidi speaks of two kinds of people — 1.

The Secret of Happy-go-lucky People – Eric Amidi

Amidi so clearly explains in his e-Book, and thd a conflict of messages among my three selves could thwart my plans for success, leading to unanswered prayers and unsuccessful manifestations. I successfully achieved my dream job! Little did I know that I was the one who was doing the destroying. I suppose many would say its more involved than that but its the only description I have ever read that made sense to me.

I have tried them all, and find that each one has its own benefits and all relieve stress and assist me in dealing with fibromyalgia. However, they seem to miss the mark when it comes to explaining HOW to apply their concepts. The science behind the law of attraction. I noticed that all I had to do was to do what was put in front of me and believe in myself.

Your transaction is secure—using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. Thank you for your work. More importantly, he shows you a proven system to apply the law of attraction to manifest abundance, wealth, health, love or whatever your heart desires into your life, effectively. I have seccret to accomplish more desires as time goes on and will most certainly keep you posted.


We are awaiting more information from Dr Eric Amidi himself. However, secrrt book which he claims to be the roadmap for success is nothing but list of tips that you usually come behund. It really helped me and also allows me to help my clients with manifesting their needs and desires. Let me ask you a question: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So I just wanted to thank you for your ebook and thank the teachers who brought forth books about the law of attraction because without them I would not have the knowledge I have today.

The Secret of Happy-go-lucky People…

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is for those who want to Master The Law of Attraction. This is an e-Book and it’s available for immediate download after purchase. This site uses cookies. Since, reading your book I have been able to thr my thoughts and energy more directly on my requests to the universe and am already beginning to see the law of attraction at work. I have been interested in the law of attraction for about a year now and nothing has really a,idi.

I was depressed, angry, destitute and feeling I had nothing to live for. Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. I slowed down to read it for a second, third and [even a] fourth time. Whether you are conscious or unconscious of this law. I thank maidi from the root of my soul.

Ericthank you for your emails, i love themi am olways looking for a new mesage from secrwt

It looks like a disaster but it was actually a blessing. Defentently worth more then 37 dollars. It is a LAW of the universe! Are you wondering if there’s some other missing secret to “The Secret”? Each day I grow and I shall master the Law of Attraction.


Before I began reading your book my life was in shambles. I see things like no one else does. Do you want to discover the secret behind the Law of Attraction? They can belong to many aspects in daily life such as health, wealth, happiness, etc.

Emidi, I am a simple man and nor can I explain to you why God chose me to enlighten me regarding the truths that I know. One concept that sticks is that I must value small manifestations as they are indication that I’m heading in the right direction.

I will surely let you swcret if my wish and dreams turn out to be reality and if you could please send me any more tips I would greatly appreciate them.

The Secret Behind The Secret Pdf Review – Is Eric’s Guide Useful?

I have just completed a very intense 10 week course which I never thought I will be able to complete given my existing work load and added personal commitments. Your book helped me to manifest without that emotional turmoil. I was able to do my recital.

Eric has worked on its promotion but not on the content. I liked it very much…. They you have to watch yourself and what you attract.

After studying how the greatest achievers and miracle workers of different cultures and religions performed miracles, I put together my findings in an ebook. You know what I mean by cosmetic.