Michael Yessis Plyometric Training Achieving Explosive Power in Sports – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis. Keywords: Plyometric, Exercise, Agility, Explosive strength, Speed. 1. Introduction . [14] Yessis Michael (). Explosive Plyometrics.

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Explosive Plyometrics – Michael Yessis – Google Books

Plyometrics, or more specifically the shock method, is considered a form of specialized strength development. From this 3. The key is to concentrate on the landing and takeoff, not on what you will be doing afterwards.

During slow movements the main muscles involved in performing the movement as well as their antagonists, undergo contraction to control the movement via feedback over the full range of motion. Contact and takeoff should take no longer than 0. Inhaling and holding the breath briefly on the eccentric to concentric muscle contraction switch and concentric phase or on any exertion in 22 any sport, comes naturally. Exercises that use the stretch reflex, are ballistic in nature and are perfectly safe and effective.

In my discussions with him, he says that what we call plyornetrics “is not the training that I created and have athletes use”. Author Michael Yessis, Ph. Execution is basically the same as in the above exercises. When you quickly change directions, the momentum of the weights keeps them moving in sometimes the opposite direction from which they should be going. The main criterion is that the athlete is plyometfics as high as possible on every jump. When ready, inhale and hold your breath as you quickly straighten the arms out straight in front of you.


Your head and shoulders may shift forward a little and this is acceptable but keep your trunk erect at all times. Please try again later. Vertical Jump Secrets Uncovered!


The kind and number of fibers involved are determined by the force that is produced and the duration of work. Because of the forces involved and the quickness of execution, the central nervous system is strongly involved. It is needed in overhead hitting and throwing actions such as in a volleyball spike, tennis serve and, to a good extent, in baseball pitching, the javelin throw and soccer throw-in.

Explosive Leg Press Purpose. These jumps are effective for athletes who execute skills in their sport that do not require explosive type muscular contractions.

To improve your ability to land and take off on one leg. The force generated should be sufficiently great to break contact with the foot. This is where total body explosive training can play an important role. The jumps should be executed for distance, but not so far that they slow you down in the takeoff. Most important in this exercise is how quickly you execute the landing and takeoff.

This means duplicating or coming as close as possible to the technique and muscle action involved in the competitive skill. In this case, stand in the middle of a rectangle with one cord attached to each corner of the square.

Explosive Plyometrics: Michael A Yessis: : Books

At this time, takeoff height is increased by a few inches. In kicking, hip and shoulder rotation play an important role in bringing and maintaining the thigh in correct position to execute the kick.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. In true explosive plyornetrics the exercise must be executed as quickly as possible — in 4 0.

As soon as you make contact with the ground, explksive cushion and explode back upward as quickly as possible. Systematization of Special Basketball Exercises Condensed. This allows for the arch of the foot to do the Initial shock absorbing and more importantly, withstanding of the landing forces. Total Body Explosive Training Chapter 6: In terms of athletic performance and training, the plyometric movements that utilize total body vibration produced an overall increase in performance output.


Explosive Plyometrics

When you are ready, swing your arms down, around and up and at the same time, drive the free leg knee upward. This misunderstanding came about because the authors of some of the more popular plyornetric books and articles did not understand the difference between jump and plyometric exercises. Assume a standing position holding a medicine ball in both hands on extended arms or up by the chest. Although, jumping is a universal skill and is usually considered “natural,” it does not mean that everyone has an effective jump.

As you do this exercise be sure that your body moves forward in a straight line. This demands greater eccentric strength on the landing which is used for another explosive forward leap.

Do not leap very far forward; emphasis should be on an upward jump and Figure 5. However, the training exercises and methods to be used and how they are grouped or sequenced is determined by the demands of your sport, your athletic preparedness, technique and mastery of game skills. However, if you yesssis a greater amount of force the barbell may plyomerrics the hands, but should not travel very high because of the weight used.

They are efficient in sustaining prolonged low intensity activity and are used extensively in the endurance sports and to a limited extent in bodybuilding and powerlifting. This entails a quick, high intensity muscle contraction. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the landing.

Good Morning arched back, forward bend over to stretch the hamstrings. As you rotate the shoulders to the yfssis facing position, push the hand forward as in a boxing punch jab.