You can export your map using the commands found on the Export tab or by choosing a format in the Save As dialog Save as type list. If the export you want to . You can use sidebars on the front page to carry out basic exports of map images or raw data of a particular area. MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options, enabling you to turn maps into Word documents, save them as PDFs, as images and more. Please note that .

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To create an internet shortcut link, begin by selecting Add Web Page After a synchronous collaboration session request has been approved by the admin or owner of the Cmap, any Participant listed can modify and add to the Cmap. Now when viewing the Cmap, the linking line you selected will appear in the line style you chose.

You can clear the history by clicking the Clear button, at the top right of the History list. Pages unavailable in Dutch Translate to Portuguese. Bi-directional arrows, between concepts that represent elements of the system, may be appropriate. For our example, we will left-click Save to save cma; Cmap to My Cmaps. Begin by holding down the shift key, then left-click and drag the arrows from the top of a concept.

How do I Save or Export my Cmap? | ED | EdTech Help Guides

Left-click OK from the “Choose Background” window to add the selected image to the background of a concept. To view or change exportr others may use a folder that you are creating, as well as any files or folders that may be stored in it in the future, left-click Permissions Now when viewing the Cmap, the thickness of the linking line you selected has changed.

You can add viewable exprtar and keywords to a concept in a Cmap.

You can decide in what way you want to merge Cmap items from selected nested nodes. When you return to the Cmap, you’ll notice a small white box in the middle of the line you have selected to curve.


Export to other formats

You can link propositions between Cmaps that have been saved to either My Cmaps or Places. The “Saving Cmap” window will show the progress of the save request. Now when opening the place where you pasted your Cmap folder, it appears in fxportar list for anyone who accesses that place. To change any other group of items, including groups that contain a variety of different Cmap items, select Object Now when viewing the Cmap, the distance has changed between the text and the border of the concept.

A knowledge model is a folder containing several Cmaps of information that provide detail to a domain of knowledge. A red DT icon will appear after mcap cmap has initially been saved and reopened, and only if there are messages in the thread that have not yet been read.

Left-click the More Colors Click Close to hide the “Discussion Threads” window.

A common way of unifying a knowledge model is through the use of a top level Cmap. Once your Cmap is saved to a server, you will see an additional status bar at the bottom of the Cmap, indicating its web address, and showing a button that will allow you to view the web page. To finish creating the new folder, left-click OK.

If a Cmap or folder is not highlighted, and either Open is selected from the File menu, or Enter is pressed, the current “View” will open in another window.

To reverse the direction that linking line arrows point, begin with a selection that includes these lines. If you left-click the exit button, the annotation will not be saved. To modify the permissions of a highlighted user in the permissions list, left-click Edit From the “Views – Cmaptools” window: Attachments may be added, and Spelling may be checked. Two or more Cmaps can be linked to each other in much the same way as concepts and linking phrases connect to one another on a single Cmap.


It is highly recommended that you save your Cmaps to a Cmap Server if you want to share them with others.

From the “Styles” window: Within the Documents folder, there should be a seperate folder called ” My Cmaps, ” where you should be able to locate your Cmaps to move them, or attach to an email. The most common and useful of these options are image files and PDFs. Instead of right-clicking the title of the resource link, you may highlight it and use one of the following keyboard shortcuts: Selecting Filethen New Cmap will also open a new Cmap.

We will use Save Cmap As to demonstrate how to save a new Cmap. The “Styles” window will open to the Cmap dialog. Resources can be added to concepts on a Cmap by dragging them from the desktop or an open folder. If you must send a Cmap as an email attachment, follow these steps: The “Styles” window will open to the Object dialog. The DT icon appears on the concept to which it was added.

If you chose to drag the mouse from the concept’s arrows, drag the arrow some distance away from the concept and release the mouse.

You can choose from the TopMiddleor Bottom buttons to vertically align text inside of a concept. In label mode, the nested node may be labeled just as a normal concept would. A nested node enters label mode once it is collapsed. To create these types of arrows for linking lines that you have selected, left-click the button illustrated below q Connection Direction. To begin making a custom exoprtar, select one or more Cmap items that contain styling you want to save.