The department had launched an online application for CST forms. to respective MVAT Return Forms, like Form , , , , & Form III E under the. New Forms under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) annexures and returns in Form , Form , Form , Form , Form and. Single revised return for year onwards under MVAT Act (3) This Workbook also consists of Return Forms Viz., Form, ,

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Tax Rate-wise break-up of within State purchases from registered and unregistered dealers eligible for set-off as per box 7 m and 7A. There will be no mismatches on this count.

Electronic Forms

This is the team of the finance profession who, update the site on daily basis. Displays the count of purchase returns recorded in journal voucher and debit note. No change has been made in respect of the due date for making payment.

Details of Amount paid along with this return and or Amount Already Paid. Will the dealer be required to carry forward such amount or would he be required to seek refund from department since the limit of Rs. If out such purchases, there is mismatch, then set off is to be auto disallowed. Unable to determine the duty type of ledgers: Can possible there is filling one amount for sale for transaction.

In certain cases, there might be a situation that dealer may not have any purchases and amount for claim of set-off is not available. These are exceptions that need to be resolved for the vouchers to be included in the returns.


Electronic Forms | Department of Goods and Services Tax

Seller may claim deduction on account of sales return or rate difference or discount in the return. It is in white colour, I tried to submit the details they are accepted.

In sales purchase annexure, in column E i. All composition dealers whose entire turnover is under composition excluding works contractors opting for composition and dealers opting for composition only for part of the activity of the business. Kindly Refer Help Guide.

Detailed to display the report in detailed mode. Adjustment of CST payable as per return for this period to be adjusted against the Excess Credit if any as per Form Ans For URD purchases the transaction code is The Voucher Register appears as shown below: The list of payment vouchers appears as shown below:.

If purchaser has claimed set-off, then seller has to claim goods return in such cases. If the supplier is a registered dealer then transaction code 95 is to be used.

Will the set off in respect of purchases from such PSI dealers be disallowed, for non-filing mvwt return or not disclosing sale by such PSI dealer? Drill down reports are provided for local purchases, interstate purchases, local sales and interstate sales, 2331 VAT adjustments up to the transaction-level.


Negative values shall be accepted in return. Amount adjusted should be supported by Refund Adjustment Order.

Contractor has to file return in form A. How to show credit for such TDS? Such purchases are to be shown in column in E. When we have to load it require.

The team can be reached at info taxclick. There is a validation in sales and purchase annexure. The employer is not supposed to make TDS. Many times purchaser are accounting with net of goods return 2331, in such circumstances goods return will be allowed or not to the seller?

If dealer agrees with the figures shown in preview return he may create the file for uploading on web-site. VAT does not apply to these transactions. Excess credit brought forward from previous return. Separate field is provided to enter the amount where reversal should not be done. Signature of Tax payer or Authorised signatory.

VAT Form 231 (Maharashtra)

F forms for the said transactions will be received by the dealer. The transactions are further classified based on the presence of VAT details in the vouchers, and their effect on the returns and annexures.

Displays the balance VAT payable for the from. But we request that uniform instruction is necessary.