Hey guys, Can someone help to find a English, US or dutch Manual for a Graupner MC?? It cam with a German one. email direct. Lehrer-Modul für mc/mc Graupner Required if an mc transmitter is to be used as teacher transmitter in conjunction with a pupil transmitter of. Assembly kit for installation DUPLEX TU transmit module into Graupner MC and MC trasnmitters.

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manual Graupner MC10 – RC Groups

Windscreen for carbon sender console Shipping workdays. Up to the visitors of this site to transmit me more information about type of connectors, place and other useful stuff. This cheap radio when found in second hand is very suitable for use as pupil-TX mx10 a Futaba master: If you cut the signal-wire and make the same connections as on the previous drawing, I suppose that you then obtain a “master”-radio.

Trim nuts for hand transmitters, 3x long and 2x short, blue Shipping workdays.

Neck Strap for Transmitters Graupner mz-12PRO, mz-18, mz-24PRO, mz-32

The CFK high load servo arm, 36mm 4pcs Shipping workdays. Front Plate mz Radio Control in carbon look and sticks Reservoir capacitorfor Spektrum receive Shipping workdays.


Graupner-overview I have no information regarding the buddy box interface that transforms the electrical signal into an optical signal. And for those who understood the principle, there couldn’t be any problem to arrange this radio as a pupil-radio: The person that send me an E-mail on the 25th of september with a solution for connecting a Graupner to an EVO, please contact me again; your E-mail was accidently deleted by my anti-spam filter.

Apparently Futaba and Graupner and Robbe, before being associated to Futaba are the only brand not to equip systematically from factory all transmitters with a buddy box.

But on this website www. You where gullible once, don’t show you would be cheated twice by buying a buddy box when it is not necessary Servo Mosquito L Shipping workdays.

Wind Deflector for Transmitter Tray Shipping workdays. Customers also bought Customers also viewed.

I have no information regarding the buddy box interface that transforms the electrical signal into an optical signal. Two versions of this radio exists, the outer being identicalthe inner parts are different. Neck pad with Velcro fastener, can be removed for cleaning. PL from which only one wire is used, or by means of a servo connector.

Mounting Bracket for Radio mz, mz, and more Shipping workdays.


Transmitter cross over strap Shipping workdays. Prices per unit incl. VAT plus shipping costs.

Graupner,Lehrer-Modul für mc/mc, – Hobbydirekt

Here also no problem to use the radio as a pupil-TX. The original Graupner buddy-box system accessories required is a real head-breaker. The Graupner FM But even with my knowledge of German, I understand nothing of it lack of electronic knowledge.

My informant uses his FM as a pupil’s transmitter. You better bought a radio where the buddy box is standard from factory The Ground and PPM OUT are to be graupnwr on a connector on the printed circuit board right from the connectors of the main channels 1 to 7.

Lehrer-Modul für mc-10/mc-12 Graupner 3290.12

Special design with length adjustment for transmitter mx- mz- mc- and all transmitters mc1 a central suspension device. You can choose for a positive or negative PPM modulation. And the same info confirms that indeed wire nr. I still advise you to use the mono jack 3. Version 2 of the FM fig.