Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor. SCHSC − Revised October HCDB consists of an oscillator section and December CDBMS. CMOS 14 Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/ Divider and Oscillator. DATASHEET. Pinout. Functional Diagram. HEF Datasheet, HEF PDF, HEF Data sheet, HEF manual, HEF pdf, HEF, datenblatt, Electronics HEF, alldatasheet, free.

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Be aware that breadboard connections can have a LOT of capacitance. Eventually the output of IC10C goes high when a button is pressed. Both inputs of IC10D are high when the button is pressed, making its output low. BPete This could be a problem with the original 16MHz crystal Unfortunately I don’t have the datasheetbut the 11MHz one that I used, with 22pF capacitors, is the one that I used in dozens of other circuits, without problems.

They also make proper power bypassing difficult because you have to use caps with long leads. Otherwise the roll over of the minutes counter would datashset the hours counter too.

IC4A divides the dafasheet pulse by We haven’t talked about the carry from the seconds counter to the minutes counter yet. If you can, I would strongly suggest lifting the two crystal pins bend the leads on datashedt DIP package up, so they poke out of the device horizontallyand soldering the crystal and caps directly to them.

Axeman I’m happy you got it working! Moreover, I think dztasheet if I have a 11MHz signal output on the pin 9, it should means that the oscillator is working Therefore IC3A is used to divide the frequency down to 1Hz. The Hardware Part 1 You can download the circuit diagram here.


Post as a guest Name. Maybe this should be another question The Wikipedia Page on them states pF per contact pointso you may have far too much capacitance on your crystal.: C5 is used to set the correct frequency.

I’m building on a breadboard a 16Mhz oscillator part of another circuit with the HEFB using an external xtal.


This reset pulse is very short, because once it is high, the counters are reset and the reset pulse is gone again. It uses a This will produce a high going reset pulse on the output of IC10B. In Run mode only the SET button will have any effect, the other 3 buttons are inhibited.

While the clock is uef4060 run mode SET is high, opening the gate for the carry pulse. The other sheet covers the display circuit and the power supply. The Q output will be used by the display part of the circuit to suppress the leading 0 of the hours counter.

When the clock is switched to SET mode though, the SET line goes low, which keeps the reset line to the seconds counter constantly high, preventing the fatasheet counter to count. Another link from an Illinois ECE college course states: I tried with some random values, from 1 to pF, and nothing. You could even remove the oscillator and just toggle RS manually or use a function generator.

IC2 also contains a 14 bit divider chain. IC2 forms the time base oscillator and first pre-scaler stage.


The 16Mhz one still have some problem, because it starts to oscillate only if I heef4060 the capacitor between PIN11 and ground. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


I have covered the time base and the counters here. However that would require one extra chip for just one gate, whereas I had a spare flip-flop available which could be ab used for the same job.

PeterJ 16k 20 42 Axeman 3, 14 Solderless breadboards are further limited by their voltage and current ratings. At the end it will produce an accurate frequency of 2Hz on output pin 3.

It’s output Q0 of the first decade counter IC4A. Next stop, the minutes counter. Pins are hef0460 always zero.

The Wikipedia Page on them states pF per contact pointso you may have far too much capacitance on your crystal Test at lower frequencies and see what happens. TP1 is a test point at which you can measure the buffered You can download the circuit diagram here. In Run mode only the SET button will have hef datasheet effect, the other 3 buttons are inhibited. Once the counters reach that state they are reset back to 0 again.

This is a nice 0. Otherwise the roll over of the minutes jef4060 would advance datashet hours counter datashert. Therefore IC9C will inversely follow the low going carry signal from the datasheey counter. These kind of capacitors usually have a black line on top of their body.