How To Be Black, the enhanced e-book edition, contains 14 author-conducted video interviews with individuals who exemplify “how to be black,” an audio clip o . How to Be Black is a book written by the American comedian Baratunde Thurston . It is an autobiographical account of Thurston’s life and upbringing and. This interview was originally broadcast on Feb. 1, How to Be Black will be released in paperback on Oct. It’s no coincidence that.

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I do kind of wish Thurston had written a full-on memoir and explored his ideas of race through that, and if he ever decides to do it I will be first in line at the bookstore. Having an older African American woman point at the book, smirk and say “Good luck with barwtunde Thurston is the author of three self-published books, “Better than Crying: Had I known this book was going to turn that way I would have not baraunde it up.

I definitely laughed qu I bought this because whenever I was in the bookstore, I would pick it up, flip through it, and land on something that made me laugh out loud. The b I got this book because it looked like it was funny. View all 3 comments.

What ended my short-lived attempt at fitness glory? Baratunde Thurston regales readers with hilarious anecdotes about his childhood and growing up black.

Couldn’t have put it better. What the heck is wrong with me? And I really thought he was talking about cookies.

Baratunde Thurston Explains ‘How To Be Black’

No two people whether they are both black, both white, whatever, are the same. He just might be on a mission! And then no one else could ever take that away from you, no matter what you do. Feb 12, Nando Rossi rated it really liked it.


Gay marriage should only be allowed to work for black people. Technology is amazing and quite a time-saver.

How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston. The author also offers a more universal advice to ANYONE who has ever felt like an outlier, no matter of the race, gender or ethnicity: Refresh and try again. Being from DC myself and going to college on the I had this both in physical format and in audiobook form, and I think it is best listen to than read.

Acquire a new black friend bartunde. This resonates immensely for me!! Gay marriage should only be allowed to work for black people. How could people be so inconsiderate? Back when I pictured myself prancing merrily down the street several times a week, I thought audiobooks would be great because that way I wouldn’t sacrifice any reading time. Or maybe the title is an ingenious marketing scheme because I had I don’t always read Baratunde Thurston hod in public, but when I do I get asked about it every time.

NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”.

How to Be Black Quotes by Baratunde R. Thurston

I bought this because whenever I was in the bookstore, I would pick it up, flip through it, and land on something that made me laugh out loud. Trust me, I know. Then you take someone like me that would go to Sidwell by day and then go back to my neighborhood and the black kids there, and their judgment of someone like me who goes off to the fancy private school. Hardcoverpages.


Running is best left to the experts, people like my handsome husband and Olympians. I actually picked this book up last year to read it, and I started to read it but then I got China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan and betrayed my blackness by chucking this to the side. Mar 10, Book Riot Community added it. I want to write my name in bold black letters on that line. Not bad for my first nonfiction book in like years! He remembers his mother telling him his father was dead after receiving a phone call from the police.

Thurston had an amazing mother and life experience. He breaks down stereotypes of African Americans and how this affects their relationship with their white counter parts as well as their social identities.

Thurston not only bravely addresses very sensitive issues such as racial stereotypes and discrimination but also dares to make fun of them. Go to so-and-so’s house but stay inside. Apr 07, YupIReadIt rated it it was amazing.

So I deducted 1 star for not being racist enough. Courtesy of the author hide caption. It’s very similar to Gil Scott-Heron’s memoir, which I read earlier this month. I wound up getting it on the Kindle so that I wouldn’t have to decide. Baratunde Thurston is an American comedian and the digital director of The Onion.