İSTİHBARAT DOSYASI: İSTİHBARAT ÖRGÜTLERİNCE YAPILDIĞI İDDİA EDİLEN (ŞÜPHEDEN DÜŞME TEKNİKLERİ) UYGULUYOR /// FİNLANDİYA’ DA Kİ. Mevcut çalışma istihbarat analizinde bilimsel yöntemlerin kullanılmasının ve analizcilerin bilimsel teknikleri de içeren, sistematik, yapılandırılmış analizleri. Title: Türk Savunma Sanayii Gelişimi İçin hızlandırılmış Teknoloji İstihbarat transferi, teknoloji istihbaratı, patent kırma teknikleri kavramları çerçevesinde.

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A series of bombings targets Jews in Iraq. These attacks are later attributed to Israeli agents to allegedly panic Jews into emigrating to Israel, starting a long-standing controversy that istihbrat unresolved.

MI6 and the CIA jointly hatch plans for his assassination. In one incident, Islamist militants attack pro-Nasser students at Cairo University. Following an attempt on his own life by the Brotherhood, Nasser responds immediately by outlawing the group, which he denounces as a tool of Britain.


The following years see a long and complex struggle pitting Nasser against the Muslim Brotherhood, the US, and Britain. Nasser dies of natural causes in Bombs explode in British and American cultural centers and libraries, and in post offices in Alexandria and Cairo. The campaign ends when a bomb explodes prematurely in the pocket of an Israeli agent who is about to plant it in a British-owned cinema.

The plan is to damage the relations between Egypt and the US and Britain by placing the blame for the bombings on the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian Islamic militant group. The papers suggest several tekniklerri events that the US could fabricate, including the sinking of boats of Cuban refugees, hijacking planes, blowing up a US ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in US cities.

One of their first actions is isithbarat release Sheikh Ahmed Yassin from prison. Septemberand After: After negotiations, they release the hostages and blow teknlkleri the empty airliners for the news cameras.

President Nixon uses the incident to challenge the Soviet Union, warning the Soviets not to intervene if the US moves to prevent Syrian istihbarwt from entering Jordan. Nixon gives his approval and Israel moves in. Hussein loses influence and prestige among his fellow Arab leaders, and the PLO, energized by the conflict, moves into Lebanon. PLO leader Yasser Arafat takes undisputed control of the organization. Oil-supplying nations rally behind the Palestinian cause, and international terrorist incidents begin to escalate.

Sadat is also a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he promptly reinstates the group as a legal organization and welcomes them back into Egypt.

Gina Haspel – Vikipedi

Sadat also has a very close relationship with the head of Saudi intelligence, Kamal Adham. Sadat uses the power of the religious right, and the Muslim Brothers in particular to contain the Nasserites and their resistance to the radical changes he introduces.

Ironically Sadat himself is assassinated in by Islamic Jihad, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, inbecause of his accomodation with Israel.

In Yassin creates another organization called the Islamic Association that forms hundreds of branches in Istihbarzt. Yassin also recieves funding from business leaders in Saudi Arabia who are also hostile to the secular PLO for religious reasons. The Saudi government, however, steps in and attempts to halt the private funds going to Yassin, because they view him as a tool of Israel. Beginning inthe Muslim Brotherhood carries out hundreds of attacks in Syria in an attempt to bring down the secular government.

Israel and Jordan provide generous support for these operations, for example establishing training camps for the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon and Jordan near the Syrian border. In one incident ina gang of Brotherhood militants murders 83 military cadets by locking them teknioleri a buliding and attacking it with automatic weapons and firebombs. This puts an end to the wave of violence. General Kenal Evren leads a military coup in Turkey. It is now known that the terrorism that destabilized Turkey in the late s was predominately the work of secret groups run by the Turkish military in conjunction with the CIA and NATO.


The Israeli intelligence service Mossad begins a bombing and intimidation campaign in Europe targeting people linked to A. After Israel bombs an Iraqi nuclear reactor in Osirak in Junethe campaign intensifies.

The bombings are investigated by the police forces in the countries in which they occur and are traced to a group of apparent fronts for Mossad: European police realize that a state-backed group is probably behind the bombings and suspect Mossad, due to the problematic relations between Israel and the Islamic world.

Levy and Scott-Clarkpp. The paper, istihbzrat in Hebrew, rejects the idea that Israel should carry through with the Camp David accords and seek peace. Instead, Yinon suggests that the Arab States should be destroyed from within by exploiting their kstihbarat religious and ethnic tensions: Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon. By his own account, Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe runs a covert Israeli arms network, primarily supplying weapons to the Islamic fundamentalist regime in Iran for use in the Iran-Iraq War.

Huge profits are made. But faced with evidence, the government will change its story, alleging that he was only a low-level translator who had taken to freelancing arms deals. The shooting is followed by a siege of the embassy, as well as the breakdown of diplomatic relations between Britain and Libya.

After ten days, thirty Libyan diplomats are allowed to leave Britain. The program is praised by Tam Dalyell, a veteran Labour MP, who is also a critic of the governmental investigation of the Lockerbie crash. These arguments are dismissed by British authorities.

The case remains unsolved. CIA agent Robert Baer proposes a series of false flag attacks in Europe to drive a wedge between Syria and Iran, which he hopes will lead to the freeing of Western hostages held in Lebanon. Although his superiors ban the use of real explosives, the proposal is implemented in altered form.

Baer is aware that the current secular Syrian government is nervous about the tendency of Iran, one of its allies, to support numerous Islamic movements, including ones generally opposed to Syria. He plans to make the Syrians think that Iran has turned against it by carrying out a series of car bombings against Syrian diplomats in Europe and then claiming them in a statement issued by the CIA pretending to be the Lebanon-based and Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah.

Baer thinks that Syria would then break with Hezbollah and the hostages would be freed. Although the plan is for the bombs to misfire and the diplomats not to be killed, his superior says that the use of any bombs in Europe is beyond the pale for the CIA.

SwordSec – Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions

Baer will istihbagat comment: The CIA has asked me not to describe it. April 5, and After: The La Belle discotheque after the bombing.

Associated Press] The La Belle disco in West Berlin suffers a terrorist bombing when a two-kilogram bomb packed with plastic explosive and shrapnel detonates near the dance floor. A Turkish woman and two US soldiers are killed. Two hundred and thirty others are injured, including more than 50 US soldiers. The attack is widely blamed on the Libyan government; 10 days later, the US orders air strikes on Libyan targets.

Gina Haspel

Three employees at the Libyan embassy in Berlin are later found guilty of attempted murder, and the wife of one of them is found guilty of murder after she is proven to have planted the bomb. The program will claim that the main suspects worked for US and Israeli intelligence. The prosecution will not prove teknikelri al-Qadhafi or the Libyan government is responsible for the bombing.


The La Belle disco in Berlin after it was bombed. The CIA therefore works to spread the idea that the Libyans intend to plant another bomb in Berlin, a propaganda operation designed to reshape European public opinion. Hamdan also tells a relative living in West Berlin that his brother Ali and a friend will enter the city carrying a package, which, it is implied, is a bomb.

Ali Hamdan and the friend then enter West Berlin illegally from the east and are arrested by German police, who wrongly believe that they actually have a bomb and the plot is real. Word of the plot is leaked to the US press, enabling the Reagan administration to quell criticism of the attack on Libya. The CIA then steps in and has the two men held in Germany released.

Trento and Trentopp. Hamas Forms teknikkeri the Support of Israeli Intelligence. They are like a tekniileri who sets fire to his hair and then tries to put it out by hitting it with a hammer. They do more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb it. JohnsonUnnamed former CIA official. September 14, March Fawaz Younis, a Lebanese militant associated with the Amal militia, a Shiite organization that is influential in Lebanon at this time, is arrested in international waters near Cyprus on September 14, during a joint FBI-CIA operation.

After Younis is released inthe Trentos will interview him and he will say that Amal was co-responsible for the attacks: Early s and After: The article notes that Philippine officials believe such ties were not limited to these cases.

A senior counterterrorism expert says commerce and short-term goals could account for the unusual ties. But for now, they seem to be working together. He sometimes stayed in Davao City, the teknilleri city where Lepney was based. From toshe was reportedly working on business deals with bin Laden and other Middle East figures involving the transfer of gold bullion.

InPhilippine officials will claim that ties between right-wing Westerners and Muslim militants continue to the present day but they do not provide new information because of ongoing investigations. Philippine intelligence will later estimate that from to the group launches 67 kidnappings and violent attacks, killing around people and injuring hundreds more. December October 27, The GIA is more active, targeting many government iistihbarat, intellectuals, and foreigners for assassination, and attacking factories, railroads, bridges, banks, military garrisons, and much more.

They generally try to minimize civilian casualties, but hope to create a state of fear that will lead to paralysis and the collapse of the government. The group goes through four leaders during this time. Actually, many of its alleged founders, such as Abu Bakar Bashir, have been pressing Islamist militant causes for several decades, but with the creation of JI their efforts become more violent. Also in contrast to previous Islamist groups in the region, JI is deliberately set up as a military organization.

Inhe tekniklei claim that in retrospect he realizes that he and other militants were completely manipulated by the government. Everyone does what they say.

He was under surveillance by more than one intelligence unit on more than one occasion. It is believed that he spends millions of dollars while in the Philippines. He then became a US citizen. Meiring is connected to a group of treasure hunters led by James Rowe, an American.