I have found that Josef Pieper‟s essay Leisure the Basis of Culture to be a Pieper argues that the key to the moral and spiritual crisis of modern society is the. “One of the most important philosophy titles published in the twentieth century, Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture is more significant, even more crucial, . Annotations for Pieper, Chapter 2 WCC H2 David M. DiQuattro September 5, Chapter 2 (pgs. ) p. Intellectual worker: Pieper uses this term to.

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In addition, because philosophy is inextricably related to wonder, it can never provide ultimate answers. Nov 26, Mia rated it really liked dulture. As a result, leisure has a kind of right or claim in the face of “total labor,” a grim prospect for Europe under the yoke of fascism.

Dumazedier – – Diogenes 11 I picked up this book expecting it to contain something like a Catholic critique of the Protestant work ethic.

Thomas Aquinas the most important Medieval philosopher. Jun 12, Corey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such a person is more commendable than the divided person, who really wants to e.

Written in an engaging but rather ‘lightweight’ manner. Leisure the Basis of Culture. Josef Pieper gives leisure an interesting definition: This is a soaring point of view. Unless we regain the art of silence and insight, the ability for nonactivity, unless we substitute true leisure for our hectic amusements, we will destroy our culture – and ourselves. Work is a distinct aspect of human life, but philosophy and human inquiry are not really work.


Leisure should not be a struggle. Click here to sign up. The definitive analysis, and rebuke, of our society’s obsession with productivity. But that work is a precondition or preparation for true insight. Aug 03, Mary Pisper rated it it was amazing Shelves: And this ultimately draws us to the final cause of Creation, God himself; in seeking and wondering about reality itself one cannot avoid this.

Karl Spracklen – – Palgrave-Macmillan. Selected leisue Title Page.

Thanks very much to the friend who sent this gem my way! The book is an excellent description of a modern-day Platonic perspective.

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Plato and Aristotle are the most important figures, and both of them emphasized philosophy as a way of life, and the goal of philosophy as divine insight that was beyond the mundane knowledge and activities of ordinary life. Fortunately, you do eventually reach these moments, making Leisure: Skill knowledge is another example of non-discursive knowledge.

Such a person has a less settled disposition than the virtuous person to leisire the right thing. Log In Sign Up.

This little book is mind-blowing.

Josef Pieper, Leisure the Basis of Culture chapter 2 annotations | David DiQuattro –

View all 4 comments. Add to Cart Add. The Latin terms below come from Mediaval Philosophy, especially Christian medieval philosophers. He also points out that religion can be born only in leisure ndash; a leisure that allows time for the contemplation of the nature of God. Mcintyre – – Journal of Philosophy of Education 46 4: It is only when cullture rest that we have time for prayer, time to worship God, and time to be thankful for all of our blessings.


From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy pq. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Although the pages do contain very easy-to-track footnotes and there is an index, a bibliography, and an afterword everything properly done ; it takes the author a long while before he makes cogent points.

Doubtless this is the sort of book that demands multiple pleper to fully divulge its secrets. I would contrast Pieper with C. Translated by Alexander Dru with an Introduction by T.

View all 3 comments. Historical and Philosophical Debates. When we look at the Bible we see that God rested and in doing so He also commanded us to do the same for our own good.