Expanding the envelope of handheld communications is our multi-feature single- band handheld transceiver, the TH(A/E). State-of-the-art features include the. Jun 7, My normally reliable THA has gone psychotic, I’m afraid It was performing beautifully until it started to emit key-pad beeping noises at. KENWOOD – Amateur Radio. English (USA) User Manual, View THA pdf English (USA) User Manual Download THA pdf user manual.

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With the lower capacity batteries the 28 is not that much large than the 6, except in depth, a little more than twice that of the 6. Th-28s probably watch for another one and pick it up and have this for spare parts. Inif the radio cannot meet narrow band specs. One of the other buying points for me was the fact that I can use 6xAA batteries in the BT-8 battery case and it puts out 3W! It took reading some websites on the radio to change it from the aviation band to the 2m band.

Kenwood THA Instruction Manual |

I do revere the older Kenwood HT’s. The case is more rugged than the 6. Now that I know how it works it’s ok but that’s one of the quirks I guess. Unfortunately channel changing on the 28 is performed with a dial, so you can’t change channels on the mike.

The radio is very t-28a to program in the field and is also capable of a alphanumeric display. Your name or email address: The batt is original, I’m sure. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

The buttons are a little bit small but that’s expected based on the overall size of the radio. Have any other THA owners had, or heard about this problem? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Do these mem-support type lithiums have a nominal 1. It was complete with manual and also has an extra antenna, speaker mic and car charger cable with kemwood.


These mikes have three buttons on top that allow you to remotely “press” most of the keyboard buttons. They set the standard for aesthetic “Cool” that no HT’s have ever surpassed.

I’m not sure if it is capable of “narrow band” 6.

I’d like to do a bit of research in the Kenwood THA service manual before I go poking around in there. If the problem is terminal, it does give me a plausible excuse to buy a THA, Th-2a or suchlike.

A non-ham friend of mine had two large bins of radios that he did not want to store. All in all, it’s a cute little radio that should satisfy anyone! Thanks, will do just that. I’m able to program 24 ham kenwod and the program of our 16 channel P. One of these repeaters is 56 miles away and I work it full quieting when I’m outside. I did a search on the A kenwlod mysterious beeping, but no luck. I have no idea what the voltage drop would be to render it used up; age alone is enough.

While we didn’t find any games, I noticed this sweet little radio in the midst of some FRS radios and other scanners. I can hit my local repeaters and it even picks up airband from the airport about 10mi away as long as I am not in a building.

But the repair gentleman replaced the battery as well saying it was prudent “preventative maintenance” after 26 years. From my apartment I can hit most of the good repeaters with mW. The manual ksnwood as clear as some I’ve read. I’m sure I’m going to really like it once I get it working.

Fh-28a not Kenwood’s fault someone messed kkenwood up so it doesn’t deserve kenwiod low rating because of that. When I hooked the 28 up to my watt meter an output of 9 watts was shown on MHz and only 3 watts at I’m sure some would consider that a drawback but to me it adds to the feel of quality in the same way it does on my W32A.


Just what is the technical name for those “memory support batteries”??

Kenwood TH28A TH48A, Kenwood THA THA

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Kenwooe Manager. I got my money’s worth just in the mic, antenna and car charger anyway. I took a look at it and then went home to do some research.

I was at a hamfest yesterday and found this radio in the original box with most of the ancillary pieces still in their original plastic bags. Kenwood isn’t the only manufacturer who fails in this regard though.

My normally reliable THA has gone psychotic, I’m afraid After market NiMH’s are sold by a number of outlets. Register for a free QRZ account. I thought this may have resulted because of the stock triple band antenna I use on the TH-F6A, but when I placed the THA’s 2m antenna on the 6 it still could not key up the distant repeaters the 28 could.

I visited a local pawn shop the other day looking for old Nintendo NES games with my step son. I choose not to use this feature as it reduces the channel capacity.

Kenwood TH 28A Radio Transceiver

It is a bit less straight forward to change the 28 to operate in that band, so I haven’t tried that yet. I’m no expert on lithium batts, I can tell you. Checked the mem support batt, and it was 1. Channel spacing options include 5 and I can’t get any sound out of it at all. The batteries included are high capacity Ni Cd’s and almost double the height of the th-2a8.