Kohomba Yak Kankariya. Most of the Sinhala ritual dances have their legends called Uthpaththi Katha The Story behind the Kohomba Yak. Historypose of the Kandayn danceAccording to the legend, the origins of the dance lies in dance ritual known as the Kohomba Kankariya, which is also known . Kohomba Kankariya was first enacted in Sri Lanka during and , at Jayawardenapura, Kotte. The ritual of God Kohomba, which ought to have been.

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Wijaya became the Ruler of Sri Lanka with the help of Kuweni, the heir to the throne, who helped Wijaya to kill her relation at a feast organised for the purpose. Kuweni gave birth to a son and daughter, called Jeevahatte and Disala.

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Later Vijaya wanted to establish himself kohombs the Supreme Ruler, by marrying an Indian Princess of royal blood. In order to achieve this, he got down a South Indian princess and banished Kuweni and her two children, to a place called ‘Lankapura’ Grief stricken Kuweni assumed the form of a Tiger and tried to kill Vijaya.

But Daities intervened and prevented it. Failing to take her revenge Kuweni went to a Rock near Kurunegala and curses Vijaya.


It is recorded in Folk Lore that the name Yaddesagala derives from this incidence. To get rid of the Divi Dosa various rituals were performed without success.

One day an angel who was the guardian of the parasol of the King informed the illness to Sakrathe King of Gods. The Sakra advised the angle that the illness could only be cured by a person born out of flower. He also informed that a prince born out of flower is living in Uruwel a province, in India. There the Sakra asked from his pantheon of Gods, who could bring down the prince of flower to Lanka.

Both God Shiva and Rahuthe Lord of the Asurascame forward, claiming that they could get down prince of flower to Lanka.

God Kannkariya asked Rahu to perform the duty, taking into consideration his prior deeds. Rahu assumed the figure of a Wild boar, one of the Avataras of Lord Vishnu and went to Malaya country of India, where the prince of flower lived.

Kandyan dance

He entered the Royal Garden called ‘Nandana’ and completely destroyed it. Having received the information of the destruction caused by a strange wild boar, King wanted to capture it. The wild boar crossed the ocean at a place named ‘Thuththukudi” and went up to Hantana mountain, and there he turned into a rock.


The king with his army chased behind the wild board up to Hantana in Kandy. kankqriya

Then “God Sakra” appeared before the King and told him that it was a mere trick performed to get him down to Lanka to cure the Divi Dosha of King Panduwasdeva.

King of Malaya or Prince born out of a Flower having agreed, performed various rituals including.

Kohomba kankariya

As a result of this ritual King was cured. Thereafter, King of Malaya named a Local Prince called Kohomba to perform the same ritual in kphomba country and he returned to his country. From that day onwards, the Kohomba Kankariya started in Sri Lanka. The Kohomba Kankariya is a combination of separate segments and episodes. In this ritual, Dance element is prominent.

Hence, it becomes the finest and the most complete Kandyan Dance in its original form. Dancers in Ves costume make elaborate presentation to the, sound of deep sharp vibrant throbbing of Getaberaya a Kandyan Drum.

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