Over bonsai of most species and styles are displayed at the most prestigious bonsai exhibition in the world with the longest history, the Kokufu-ten. Together with travel agency, Nippon Express, we have assembled a unique tour to the Kokufu-ten and the famous bonsai gardens of Japan. Besides this, there. First held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in with the aim of improving bonsai art and developing traditional Japanese culture, the “Kokufu Bonsai.

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There were 46 medium-size three-point exhibits which included a main bonsai, often two, and a companion planting. Therefore the lures used appeal to these fish the most, and the most appealing lures are big kooufu and in the range equivalent to several tens of thousands of US dollars]. These are often displayed on or next to a bonsai when on display. The trees also photograph better.

Kokufu Bonsai Ten Shows, Part I

The printer then produced the guide overnight. Once he got to the museum he saw the seven areas next to each other, and proceeded to set up his customers’ trees there. Reviewed March 12, via mobile. The lowest level contained all the large bonsai, which comprise the majority of displays. Setting up the show is a communal effort, so after one’s trees are unloaded and set up with a little help from friendsthe next few hours are spent helping other nurseries, for instance, complete their displays.

Sargent Juniper Juniperus chinensis.

Since its opening inthe museum has been very popular among citizens as a venue for public exhibitions by nationally and internationally renowned fine arts organizations. After all, the green in Green Club doesn’t just kookufu to the color of the trees. After each artist finished placing his customer’s trees, Mr.

Would you recommend this kokudu or activity to a friend looking for an exciting and thrill-seeking experience? The LED lighting is a bit harsh on many trees and some are nearly impossible to photograph.


Kokufu-ten Bonsai Tour – Bjorn Bjorholm

Watch Morning Practice at a Sumo Stable in Congratulations go to Shinji Suzuki whose clients won three out of these four Kokufu Prize winners. Sale trees consisted of historic bonsai, previous Kokufu winners, famous trees recently restyled, and bonsai previously unknown in the community.

In the West, we enthusiasts dream about attending the Iokufu Ten. The museum had previously been renovated in In order to present more bonsai recently also, the events in and were scheduled in two parts, each lasting four days with a switch-out day between when all the trees would be changed on Saturday. The show does not open until Tuesday.

Kokufu-ten 2019 Bonsai Tour

Four outstanding bonsai were selected for the coveted Kokufu Award for this second Part. It gets particularly busy at the end of the year, when many people go on shopping Visitors had cell phones snapping away, as well as some with larger cameras. Over 40, visitors annually were viewing the show in the early s. These included tem, 43 medium-size, and four shohin compositions with 24 individual trees.

Reviewed March 5, I heard on several occasions that the trees in the Green Club would be better that those in the exhibit. In a given year there may be anywhere from one to five of the prizes awarded. All the positions are numbered from 1 to about or whatever. It faces one way or the other, but it always leads your eye to a side bonsai lower down, often a cascade style evergreen.

Parts 1 and 2 each had display areas; however, there were a great number medium-size bonsai which usually include two or more trees.

Not only are there hundreds of great trees, pots, tools and other bonsai paraphernalia on site, but they are all for sale. First and foremost it’s about sales. After the exhibition was set up a group of judges awarded five coveted National Awards Kokufu-sho. This outstanding, four-day national exhibit of bonsai is the largest and best of the late season shows, first held in It also had displays, 26 kicho Bonsaiand 55 medium size bonsai.


However, the Kokufu-sho is not given if there is not a worthy tree. It is very common to have one bonsai displayed in the Sakufu Ten and then have it displayed in the Kokufu Ten with different names only a month or two apart.

These included large-size, 41 medium-size, and four shohin compositions with 23 individual trees. Each time they change hands they usually improve in quality.

The more I walked around the more I was struck by the size of the bonsai industry in Tenn and the number of businesses it supported. There are now three Gallery Rooms.

Download The 91st Kokufu Ten Bonsai Show Larger Trees Part 1

Additionally there were 44 medium-size compositions, each having a minimum of two main bonsai, plus companion plantings. Spacious Ueno Park is a great place to koufu and visit a variety of different museums and galleries.

So there were actually kokifu individual bonsai on display. Each professional artist is allocated kojufu certain section in the show to display each of his customers’ trees. Does this place or activity involve animals? Japanese black pine Pinus thunbergii. The shikishi board is often displayed with the bonsai when exhibited in other shows.

Selling trees and attracting clients is how these men feed their families. The elder grows bonsai and did not know about the show or the sales area!

Unlike in previous years, there were pink lights against the bright blue table coverings with the addition of dramatic spot lighting which did not make it easy to photograph the compositions.