The Konbaung Dynasty, , sometimes called the Alaungpaya Dynasty or the House of Alompra by the British colonial rulers) was the. The Konbaung Dynasty was the last dynasty that ruled Burma (Myanmar), from to The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, . Alaungpaya (reigned –) unified Myanmar and founded the Konbaung Dynasty, sometimes referred to as the Third Burmese dynasty, which held power .

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Crown Prince Ka Naung was assassinated. Mindon attempted to bring Burma into greater contact with the outside world, and hosted the Fifth Great Buddhist Synod in at Mandalay, gaining the respect of the British and the admiration of his own people.

However, to the early 19th century, Kingdom of Thailand, and Vietnam flourishing up, while the Burmese kingdom was declined, the aristocracy class of Myanmar towards the inside rather than towards their partners was Thai and Vietnam and djnasty little trade relations with the outside world.

Mindon’s reign compares favourably with that of Mongkut of Siam Thailandwho enjoyed the privileged position of occupying buffer state between British and French possessions.

Major stupas were built at each corner of the city.

The Konbaung monarchs prescribed to ancient precedents and traditions to found the new royal city. In a revolt broke out in southern Myanmar. His son Paganwho became king inexecuted thousands — some sources say as many as 6, — of his wealthier and more influential subjects on trumped-up charges.

Burmese culture developed throughout capital cities in Northern Burma in rapid succession, while British colonial rule tightened its grip on the surrounding areas. Starting from scratch, the King was able to design the city to his liking, with wide streets set in a grid pattern. Teingya Minkhaunga deputy of Maha Thiha Thura. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat Immediately behind this building was the Hall of the Lion Throne where the most important ceremonies of state were performed.


By the 18th century Myanmar under the Toungoo dynasty — was fragmented: Cynasty competition between the Burmese and Thai became bitter and fierce.

The resumption was brokered by the Tai-Shan nobles and Yunnan officials who wanted to see trade resume. Instead of defending the capital, Hsinbyushin calmly sent an army to take up position outside Singu, personally leading his dyansty toward the front line.

The dynasgy promptly offered the king a piggy-back ride and escaped towards the barracks of his loyal guards. Perhaps most importantly, the Qing soldiers proved ill-suited to fight in the tropical climate of Burma. Having smashed through the main Burmese army, Ming Rui pressed on full steam ahead, overrunning one town after konbanug, and reached Singu on the Irrawaddy, 30 miles north of Ava at the beginning of From a family of humble rural gentry, he rose to the hereditary chieftainship of his native village.


Burma and Siam went to war again in —, —, — konbsung — but all resulted in a stalemate. The palace buildings were dismantled for re-erection in Mandalay and most of the bricks in the city walls and masonry buildings were removed to construct roads and railway tracks.

General Prendergast, with 11, men, a fleet of flat-bottomed boats, and elephant batteries, received orders to invade Upper Burma. Alaungpaya Dynastyalso called Konbaungthe last ruling dynasty — of Myanmar Burma. Ironically, these policies had the reverse effect of increasing the tax burden, as the local elites, in the absence of strong central control, used the opportunity to enact new synasty without lowering the old ones.

Rudyard Kipling mentions her as Thibaw’s queen, and borrows her name, in his poem ” Mandalay ” The new King Thibaw proceeded, under Supayalat’s direction, to massacre all likely contenders to the throne.


KONBAUNG DYNASTY () | Facts and Details

The invasion force, which consisted of 3, Green Standard troops along with Tai-Shan militias, [13] laid siege to Kengtung but could not match battle-hardened Burmese troops at the Kengtung garrison, led by Gen. However, the war with Qing led Myanmar to reduce pressure on Ayutthaya and then lost control of the country.

The fourth and largest invasion got bogged down konbaunv the frontier. During his reign, relations with the British became increasingly strained. The rebellion made Mindon very reluctant to name a successor to Ka Naung, for fear of civil war. Royal court life in the Konbaung dynasty consisted of both codified rituals and ceremonies and those that were innovated with the progression of the dynasty.

Hsinbyushin fathered 18 sons and 23 daughters. He recommended that the emperor graciously accept the peace offer to restore the normal trade relations between the two countries.

Konbaung dynasty – Wikiwand

At various times, the Shan states paid tribute to the Konbaung Dynasty, but unlike the Mon lands, were never directly controlled by the Burmese. It was an extraordinary explosion of military effort, though it exhausted the country.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Next Talabaan, a Mon konbauhg of Pegu, who had enjoyed clemency at the hands of Alaungpaya and been sent to his native Martaban, rose up in a rebellion which was easily subdued.