Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Essentially the entire apparatus is forced or pushed into the aperture 45 and in such a manner that the crushing ring abuts against the surfaces of the pressure header housing Another possibility, depending on the frequency of the signal you wish to measure would be to sample at 60 Hz.

The reference pressure can be the pressure which exists in a fuel line of an automotive engine or some other pressure source and basically will be referred to as a reference or absolute input pressure.

Kurtz, and assigned to Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

Multifunction DAQ

The sensors are interconnected in the Wheatstone bridge configuration. FYI, aluminum foil didn’t do it, either. A major aspect of the present invention relates to the housing structures to accommodate the sensors in a convenient and compact package, which is rugged and therefore capable of operating presure harsh environments.

High-temperature headers for sensing elements.

It should be remembered that each active area 30, 30′ had formed therein an open full transducsr 20, 20′ with six contact areas11′ ‘. When exposed to pressure, the micromachined silicon diaphragm deflects deforming the silicon strain gauges which have a very high rate of change in resistance when applied to stress.

Referring now to the Figures, like references identify like elements of the invention. In this manner, both sensors are very closely matched both thermally and otherwise.

That patent depicts a combination absolute and differential pressure sensing device, which includes a plurality of absolute pressure transducers, each transducer including a plurality of half-bridge piezoresistive structures. The crush ring 34 also has an aperture which accommodates the tube The bore 38 is directed to a tube 33 associated with a lock nut structure 32 and a crush ring There exist methods and devices which enable such measurements to be made, for instance, commonly assigned, copending U.


Input port 21 is directed to interface with a bore Thermally stable high temperature pressure and acceleration optical interferometric sensors.

The transducer ptessure claim 1, further comprising a third circuit, wherein said second circuit is further adapted to be coupled to said third circuit to cooperatively therewith provide a second output indicative of said second pressure. Sealed transducer with external adjustment port. View Contact Call Seller Now. Certain embodiments of the disclosed technology provide systems and methods for an improved header and corresponding port associated with a transducer assembly.

Absolute Sealed Gage Special Products: Each tab 11 and 12 has an aperture 13 and 14 in order to secure the transducer in a suitable position.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet – Kulite Semiconductor Products

Input and output gains are applied to a total of 60 dB. In accordance with another knowledge base article, I have attempted to run the laptop on battery power, without effect. The areas 57 and 58 are shown presskre contacts positioned within the apertures. The shell 25 has the front opening inserted into the flanged channel 26 of the header The third region differs from the first region and is offset from the ohmic contact layer at the first region.


A trahsducer chip dielectrically isolated leadless pressure sensor adapted to substantially simultaneously measure a first pressure and a differential between the first pressure and a second pressure including: There is also fabricated a three layer structure containing a first layer of Kaptona layer of copper and another layer of Kapton or similar material.

This would cause each measurement to read the same amplitude of the 60 Hz noise wave, effectively ignoring it. Let me know if any of this works presssure if you are still unable to remove transducdr unwanted noise so that we can continue to work towards getting your data acquisition up and running and working.


It should be noted that a properly metallized ceramic material could be used instead of the Kapton for higher temperature use. Since I’m seeing noise even directly out of the Kulite, it’s possible my power supply is not good enough? In pressute manner the fuel filter transducer would measure pressure both upstream and downstream and the oil filter transducer would perform the same function. Search Expert Search Quick Search.

Hermetically sealed absolute and differential pressure transducer – Kulite, Semiconductor Products

The reference tube 31 supplies the differential pressure to the underside of an active diaphragm area associated with a die and which die will be positioned over the area 57 in the case of a differential die and over the area 58 in the case of an absolute die. The two sets of six apertures 76 in the first piece of Pyrex 70 are filled with a metal containing glass-frit and are subsequently fired leaving either a small protrusion or having a small protruding metallic sphere inserted therein.

Because both bridges are side-by-side on the same silicon chip, they are subjected to essentially a same temperature, making thermal compensation much easier. The differential pressure transducer includes: Still referring to FIG. During this process, the metal frit and the cover wafer glass melts and creates low resistance electrical connection between the header pins and the metal contact pads on the sensor chips.