Egill Skallagrímsson ( circa – circa) fu uno scaldo islandese e un grande anti-eroe della letteratura islandese. Alcune narrazioni dicono che uccise 20 o più uomini armati con una sola mano e che divenne berserker con relativa facilità . A dispetto di questo, fu considerato un guaritore, e la sua saga narra che lui. Many scholars attribute Egil’s Saga to medieval Iceland’s most famous writer, SNORRI Egill Skallagrímsson en un manuscrito del siglo XVII de la Saga de Egil. Esta saga es una de las obras maestras de la narrativa isalandesa medieval. Narra la vida del poeta, vikingo y campesino, y fue escrita hacia el año por el.

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There skallagrimssson lost with Hallvard fifty men in all. Then they entered, and Aulvir went up to the king, Skallagrim standing at his back. Guttorm had two sons and two daughters. It befell in autumn, when ships had come to Iceland from Norway, that this report came over, how Bjorn had run away with Thora without the consent of her kin, and for that the king had made him an outlaw from Norway.

These cases both begin with a man of wealth and power who marries twice, one of the two marriages being in some way of doubtful legality, and skaklagrimsson the effect upon the family of the two conflicting lines of descent.

So when they were ready and a egli wind blew, he sailed out to sea, and his voyage sped well. But Aulvir shall remain with me; for his skill as skald I cannot spare him. Then Aulvir went away first, and returned to the king.

None could match them at travelling, either on foot or on snow-shoes; in voyaging also they were speedier than others, valiant men they were, and very wary. He and Brynjolf set a time for a meeting; to this meeting Bjorn also came.

Saga de Egil Skallagrimsson : Snorri Sturluson :

Four men nowadays could not lift a larger mass. Hildirida’s sons took the business in Halogaland; and none gainsaid this because of the king’s power, but Thorolf’s kinsmen and friends were much displeased at the change. That stone lies there yet, and much slag beside it; and the marks of the hammering may be seen on its upper face, and it is a surf-worn boulder, unlike the other stones that are there.

The king there took ships belonging to the landowners, and embarked his force on them, having with him his guard; four hundred men they were. Egil Egill ‘s boyhood foreshadowed his future rebelliousness and poetic prowess. He asked of what family she was, and was told that she was sister of lord Thorir Hroaldsson, and was named Thora, with the by-name Lacehand.


Saga de Egil Skallagrimsson

In the summer Thorolf went south to king Harold at Throndheim, taking with him all the tribute and much wealth besides, and ninety men well arrayed. Kveldulf showed him well pleased that Skallagrim had not gone to the king aaga this errand to take service under him; he still said, as before, that from the king they would get only loss and no amends. Bjorn said there was Thora, Hroald’s daughter, sister of lord Thorir. The king did so, and there, moored off the land, floated that dragon-ship which Thorolf had had built, with tent and tackling complete.

It was told of Ulf that he was a great householder; it was his wont to rise up early, and then go round among his labourers or where his smiths were, and to overlook his stalk and fields, and at times he would talk with such as needed his counsel, and good counsel he could give in all xkallagrimsson, for he was very wise. Sigurd said that he would hold to all that they had arranged; so they fixed the wedding-day, and Bard with his party were to come north to Sandness.

Egil’s Saga – Icelandic Saga Database

Thou, too, hast bestowed on him large grants, and he had now made all ready to repay them with ill. But when Thorolf came to Kvenland and met king Faravid, they made them ready for sava march, being three hundred of the kings men and a fourth hundred Norsemen.

But when spring came, one day Thorolf had a talk with his father, and asked him what counsel he would give about Bjorn his winter guest, or what help he would lend him. That same autumn Hildirida’s sons carried tribute to the king. Asbjorn countered with witnesses swearing that Asgerd was acknowledged as heiress, but the processing was blocked by Queen Gunnhild who ordered a henchmen to disrupt the assembly.

And with that ship went Thorgils Yeller, and I believe he sailed westwards for England. It was found that more had leapt overboard, and so perished, than had fallen on the ship. Early did he come to such full strength as to be deemed fit for warlike service with other men. And many other friends of Aulvir went before the king sskallagrimsson pleaded this cause. But eastwards from Naumdale is Jamtaland, then Helsingjaland and Kvenland, pa Finland, then Kirialaland; along all these lands to the north lies Finmark, and there are wide inhabited fell-districts, some in dales, some by lakes.

He saw there a fair maiden who pleased him well. For several summers they were out roving, but stayed at home in ce with their fathers.


The brothers said that his would be put to the proof, if the king would grant them leave; they had often run great skallagrimssonn against men on whom they had less skallahrimsson avenge, and generally they had won the day. Grim was then twenty-five years old, and was now bald, wherefore he was henceforth called Skallagrim.

Egil’s Saga

And it was so that one day the brothers went before the king, and Aulvir said:. This I think, and with truth: But when he reached the far east, and his coming was heard of, then came to him some Kvens, saying that they were sent by Faravid, king of Kvenland, because the Kiriales were harrying his land; and his message was that Thorolf should go thither and bear him help; and further that Thorolf skalpagrimsson have a share of the booty equal to the king’s share, and each of his men as much as two Kvens.

King Harold was in Vik while Thorolf was harrying, and in the autumn he went to Upland, and thence northward to Throndheim, where he stayed through the winter with a large force.

He gave him withal the right of journey to the Finns, with the king’s business on the fells and ssaga Finn traffic. Therein were messengers of king Harold, with this errand to earl Sigurd, that the king would have Bjorn Brynjolfsson slain wherever he might be found, swga the same message Harold sent to the Southern Isles and even to Dublin.

But when Harold became sole king of all Norway, and sat in peace, then he gave to his kinsman Guttorm Westfold and East-Agdir, and Hringariki, and all the land that had belonged to Halfdan Swarthy his father. And now a fair wind took them out to sea. So the brothers started with a fair wind, and came in the spring eastwards to Vik and to Tunsberg, and there declared their errand. They journeyed to Sandness, and there was held the most splendid feast.

And to all that they said about Thorolf their comrades bore witness, wherefore the king was exceeding angry. Now, there was at the banquet a man named Hogni, owner of a farm in Leka, a man of great wealth, very handsome, shrewd, but of low family, who had made his own way.

Upon this they went and came to the water, and saw no ship there fit to launch.