More recently, Laslett et al assessed the diagnostic utility of the McKenzie evaluation combined with the following SIJ tests: distraction, thigh thrust, Gaenslen. The SIJ (Sacroiliac joint) Distraction (Colloquially know as Gapping) test is used to of an SIJ sprain or dysfunction when used in the Laslett SIJ Cluster testing. (Laslett et al., ). Conceptually, it seems reasonable to propose that stress testing of the SIJ should provoke pain of SIJ origin. However, clinical stress tests .

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This group generally consists of clinicians with a pain medicine background who commonly accept the SIJ as a significant source of back and referred pain, but who deem only injections and neurotomy as viable treatment methods. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Find articles by Mark Laslett. Reference Standard Reference standard performed on all participants Independent blind comparisons with Gold standard No gold standard used but 2 examinations performed by individual and blinded assessors Test characteristics Presented as expected but without likelihood ratios Reproducibility Method and all analyses detailed clearly.

A randomized control trial of exercise for low back pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Special Test Cluster

Earlier studies have not reported sensitivities and specificities of composites of provocation tests known to have acceptable inter-examiner reliability.

Women lasltt are 3rd trimester or late lasleht trimester also benefit from a stabilization belt. That makes very little sense, even if we have evidence to promote a placebo and substantial neurophysiological response.

Evaluation of the presence of sacroiliac joint region dysfunction using a combination of tests: March 17, at However, the literature concerning pelvic girdle pain PGP associated with pregnancy offers some good-quality information in this regard.

Assessors were independent and blinded. These tests hold little if any validity and inter-examiner reliability and actually led to the basis of this good blog post and discussion. It is easiest to use repeated motions to rule out the lumbar spine as a source of pain, and screen the hips for dysfunction.


Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Im in 4th year of Physical therapy.

Assessing the Sacroiliac Joint: The Best Tests for SI Joint Pain – Mike Reinold

Three pathways between the sacro-iliac joint and neural structures. Measurement of sacroiliac joint dysfunction: We must use the appropriate language so that our clinial reasoning and professional conversations within the health care community can be more accurate.

Anterior dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint as a major factor in the etiology of idiopathic low back pain syndrome. In addition, we discuss some of the issues here:. xij

These tests by themselves have some validity in relation to a satisfactory reference standard controlled fluoroscopically guided intra-articular injection of lasletf anestheticbut they have even better validity when not interpreted in patients known to have some other source of pain, e.

Movements of the sacroiliac joints: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only. They reported that the cluster of these tests exhibited a sensitivity of 0. The optimal rule was to perform the distraction, compression, thigh thrust and sacral thrust tests but stopping when there are 2 positives. Pelvic girdle pain and lumbar pain in pregnancy: A predictor of symptomatic discs and annular competence. I will admit that I am not a SI joint expert, so I am interested in hearing the opinion of my readers that deal with a lot of SI joint dysfunction.

Based on recent research, the IASP criteria have been superseded for a variety of reasons.

Sacroiliac Distraction Test

ladlett A recent example that I used these tests is laslegt a gentleman who arrived at the clinic with back and leg complaints. Overpressure is then applied to the flexed extremity. I like the use of latest and relevent research and the Videos were really helpful.

Daniel thanks for sharing that abstract Reply. In this author’s opinion, the treatments with the most potential for reductions in pain and disability are exercises aimed at improvement in lumbopelvic stability and intra-articular steroid injections.


Stimulation of SIJ in asymptomatic volunteers produces pain Those who regard the SIJ as either irrelevant or rarely an issue in clinical practice. These are the tests recommended by the above authors to use together:. Reliability of the test is moderate to good.

Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Treatment of the Painful Sacroiliac Joint

A follow-up study by Laslett et al [5] demonstrated that the Gaenslen’s test did not contribute positively when tests were combined and may be omitted from the diagnostic process without compromising diagnostic confidence. It has been pointed out that diagnostic injection into the SIJ can provide data on an intra-articular source of pain but not on pain arising from the extra-articular ligaments 3 The tests employed in this study were: Physiopedia articles are best used to find the original sources of information see the references list at the bottom of the article.

Treatments most likely to be effective are specific lumbopelvic stabilization training and injections of corticosteroid into the intra-articular space. Reference Standard Tests performed on every subject twice but 2 random, separate, independent and blind assessors in a random order.

However, even with a gold standard there are issues reported in the literature with the injection process. While such a cohort will still contain some cases with pain arising from structures other than the internal contents of the SIJ, it seems highly likely that if there are effective treatment methods for SIJ pain, differences in outcomes between treatments will be identified. Patient Spectrum Consecutive admissions of AS patients with varying stages of progression.

The value of some clinical tests of the sacroiliac joint. International Spine Intervention Society; If repeated motions do not reproduce the lower back complaints, and the hips have normal mobility, the cluster tests can then be performed.