La Panza Del Tepozteco – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Descargar la panza del tepozteco libro gratis. Interconnection images using thumbnail or run style creator, and airport into space album. HKEY Impairment. They are hiding deep inside a mountain called “el Tepozteco,” a mountain that Al comienzo del libro, estos j√≥venes, alumnos de escuela intermedia, inician su.

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La panza del Tepozteco Author: The Aztecs worshipped an incredible number of gods and goddesses, some of whom were very kind and loving, and others of whom were warlike and quite bloodthirsty. There were tepoztrco major and minor known for wisdom, fire, water, rain, and so on.

These gods and goddesses were very real to the Aztecs. They built huge pyramids and temples in their honor, and even sacrificed humans to them.

La panza del Tepozteco – BOOKTALK

What happened to these gods? Did they disappear when their worshippers, the Aztecs, were conquered by the Europeans, or did they just go into hiding? The idea behind this novel is just that; that the Aztec gods have lubro hiding since the ‘s, waiting for an event to happen that was prophesied, that would allow them to walk the earth again.

They are hiding deep inside a mountain called “el Tepozteco,” a mountain that was sacred to the Aztecs. The event that they are waiting for is tied panz with the arrival libo a very unsuspecting group of kids at el Tepozteco.

At the start of the book, a group of middle school kids is heading out of crowded Mexico City to stay in a small mountain town at the foot of el Tepozteco.

They are looking forward to a good time; there are mysterious Aztec ruins and incredible jagged mountains to explore. When they arrive, these skeptical city kids tag along with their host, a woman named Coral, who is going to see a curandera for a kind of spiritual cleansing.

In a dark, low hut, the curandera is trpozteco copal incense, and chanting some words in a Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs.


She passes a clean cloth over Coral, and to their amazement squeezes blood out of it. Then she passes fresh eggs over her body, and cracks them open into a bowl, where they see that the eggs have turned black and foul-smelling. The kids realize that this curandera really has some kind of strange power. And the curandera’s son, Pablo, seems to have his own strange power; something about him inspires immediate respect. Pablo knows the mountains very well, and tells them about a cave he’s discovered.

Its entrance is a rough door with an Aztec snake carved above it. Pablo tells them the opening was recently uncovered in a big rock slide, and no one else knows about it.

This sounds really intriguing to a bunch of city kids who don’t get too many opportunities to explore unknown caves. The next day, they get up early and set off to investigate it. After a steep climb, they arrive at the entrance and head into the dark opening.

As they enter deeper, carrying flashlights, they see that the cave is not just a regular cave — it’s not natural.

It’s got tunnels carved everywhere, like a maze, with giant rooms carved out too. They go deeper and deeper in, and suddenly liro hearing voices and seeing lights. They keep walking, and run into several people, who all act like they were somehow expecting them, and even more strangely, act like they know Pablo.

They say odd things to Pablo like “You have a lot of nerve coming back after all that’s happened”, or “I hope you keep your promise this time!

The kids soon realize that these “people” they’re meeting aren’t really people; they can turn into animals or throw fireballs or other strange things. They start to understand that they are in the refuge of the Aztec deities.

The first gods and goddesses they meet are fairly harmless. But the two most powerful and bloodthirsty ones, Coatlicue and her son Huitzilopochtli, the gods most closely involved in the ritual of human sacrifice, are also there. It’s not long before these gods sense that there are some fresh human hearts beating in their cave.


And they haven’t had a sacrificed heart for over years. They’re very thirsty, and they certainly don’t want a bunch of kids leaving their hiding place and telling others about them. It looks as though they’re in a pretty difficult situation, and the only hope is in figuring out why all the other gods are looking to Pablo like he’s supposed to have some kind of answer, or fulfill some kind of prophesy.

But what’s a year old boy in tennis shoes boy supposed to know about Aztec prophesies? La panza del Tepozyeco Autor: Estos dioses eran muy reales para los Aztecas. Que les pas pajza estos dioses? Desaparecieron cuando sus fieles, los Aztecas, fueron conquistados por los Europeos? O simplemente se escondieron? Se esconden debajo de una moprofetizado que esperan tiene que tepoztecoo con la llegada al Tepozteco de un grupo jovenes que no tienen la menor idea de lo que les espera.

En una choza oscura y baja, la curandera est recitando algo en Nahuatl, el idioma de los Aztecas, envuelta en el olor de incienso de copal. La curandera pasa una tela limpia sobre pa cuerpo de Coral, y para el asombro de los nios, la tepoztwco queda empapada de sangre. Entonces pasa unos huevos sobre su cuerpo, y los rompe en una fuente, donde se ve que se han vuelto negros y malolientes.

La entrada es una puerta tosca con una serpiente Azteca tepozreco en la piedra oa. Siguen caminando por el laberinto de tneles, y de pronto oyen voces y ven luces.

La panza del Tepozteco

Se encuentran con varias personas, que les hablan como si los esperaran. Ms intrigante, hablan como si conocieran ya a Pablo. Al poco rato los ninos llegan a entender que estas “personas” en realidad no lo son; pueden convertirse en animales o tirar bolas de fuego pahza otras cosas raras.

Tienen una gran sed de sangre salgan de su escondite y lo cuenten a todo el mundo.