LOTHROP STODDARD’S “The Rising Tide of Color,” following so closely the Great War, may ap- pear to some unduly alarming, while others, as his thread of. Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, The [T. Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A reprint of a The Rising Tide of Color [T Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With an Introduction by Madison Grant, Chairman, New.

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May our empire, like a sleeping tiger suddenly awak- ened, spring roaring into the arena of combats. Before his death the order had spread to all parts of the Mohammedan orld, but it is in northern Africa that it has attained its peculiar pre-eminence.

The life appeared to have gone out of it, th naught but the dry husks of empty formalism and soulless ritual.

Full text of “The rising tide of color against white world-supremacy”

Quoted from The Literary Digest, November 7,p. That doctrine applies equally well to any possible struggle between Aryan and Mongolian whichever survives, should it ever come to a struggle between the two for world-mastery, will, on their own doctrine, ttide the one most fit to do so, and if the survivor be the Mongolian, then is the Mongolian no ‘ peril ‘ to hu- manity, but the better part of it.

Byzantium once fallen, the Turks advanced un- checked, conquering the Alpine Slav kingdoms of the Balkans and menacing Christendom itself. The so-called “independence” of brown states has long been due more to white rivalries than to their own inherent strength.

Catalog Record: The rising tide of color against white | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This work is in the public domain tge available for free. But he is disarmingly frank about other matters that have since been swept under the carpet, some not without topical relevance: Allowing for all this, however, it cannot be said that either China or Japan possess within their present political frontiers territories likely to absorb those pro- digious accretions of population which seem destined to occur within the next couple of generations.

Since population-pressure seems to be the basic factor in lorhrop future course of Far Eastern affairs, it would be well to survey possible outlets for surplus population within the Far East itself, in order to determine how much of this race- expansion can be satisfied at home, thereby diminish- ing, or at least postponing, acute pressure upon the political and ethnic frontiers of the white world.


Here Japan stopped and politely declined all proposals to send armies to Europe or western Asia. Inas we haveJapan had arrived at a thorough understanding ith the Czarist regime.

About “Middle Kingdom,” as it sapiently styled itself, other yellow folk were disposed Japanese and Koreans to the east; Siamese, Annamites, and Cam- ians to the south; and to the north oof nomad [ongols and Manchus. In the following pages I have tried to analyze in their various aspects the present relations between the white and non-white worlds.

Even if the Great War had been averted, the twentieth century must have been a time of wide-spread racial readjustments in which the white man’s present position of political world-domination would have been sensibly modified, especially in Asia.

My own avenue of approach being world-politics, the resulting convergence stoddagd different view-points has been a most useful one. Thus, beside the various European authori- ties, British, French, or Italian as the case may be, there exists an occult government with which the colo- nial authorities are careful not to come into conflict.

It was during the riskng decades of the nineteenth century that the revival spread through Islam.

For all these reasons, then, the present political tension between China and Japan cannot be reckoned as permanent, and we would do well to envisage the possibility of close Chinese co-operation in the ambitious programme of Japanese foreign policy.

But it was not to be. The late war has tiee doubtedly caused an absolute decrease of many mil- lions of souls. The white world’s inability to frame a constructive settlement, the perpetuation of intestine hatreds, and the menace of fresh white civil wars complicated by the spectre of social revolution, evoke the dread thought that the PREFACE vii late war may be merely the first stage in a cycle of ruin. Accordingly, the Japanese were hailed as heroes throughout Islam.

Retrieved 5 August Here, inhe was beaten, not by the Romanized Gauls but by the Nordic Visigoths, whose king, Roderick, died on the field. This extreme tenacity tising Islam, cllor ability to keep its hold, once it has got a footing, under all circumstances short of downright extirpation, must be borne in mind when considering the future of regions where Islam is to-day advancing. This book caught my attention during my research on affirmative action and sfoddard concept of “model minorities.


During the second millennium before our era suc- cessive waves of Nordics began to cross the Afghan passes into India until finally they imposed their primi- tive Aryan language stofdard Hindustan and the coun- tries lying to the east.

For example, a Japanese scholar, Professor Ryutaro Nagai, writes: China was at last shaken broad awake. As we have already said, the Saraeens had torn away many of the provinces of the Eastern Empire, and the Crusades, for a moment, had rolled back the Pf, but the event was not decided until the Seljukian and Osmanli Turks accepted Islam.

Commercial rela- tions should also be developed. Japanese comment was perfectly can- did on these matters. For stoxdard stimulating counsel of Mr. These groups merge into the Mongoloids of eastern Asia. While in the mediaeval conflicts between Europe and Asia the latter was the aggressor, stoedard case stoddarv otherwise in the early wars between the Nordic and the Mediterranean peoples.

So we find, thrust westward from the Heartland, a race touching the Atlantic at Brittany, thoroughly Asiatic and Mongoloid in the east, very imperfectly Nordicized in the centre, and thoroughly Nordicized culturally in the far west of Europe, where it has be- come, and must be accepted as, an integral part of the White World.

Even the prediction of Gulf states induction of Africans as line troops in a struggle for religious hegemony has some merit.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Lothrop Stoddard

The next stage in Japanese foreign policy seems to be the systematic elimination of all existing white holdings in the Far East. Has it already exhausted its vital force by two or three centuries of hyper-exertion? What Islam is los- ing on the borders of Europe it is gaining in Africa and Central Asia through its modern propaganda, which is conducted according to Christian methods. Hej puts down tribal war, he, wages traceless combat against epidemic disease, and he so improves communications that augmented and better distributed food-supplies minimize the blight of famine.

Grant in the preparation of this book my thanks are especially due.