Mac Flecknoe is the poet-king of the realm of nonsense. After many years as ruler , however, it comes time for him to step down. Ultimately, he chooses his son. Mac Flecknoe Or a Satire Upon the True-Blue-Protestant Poet T. S.. A Poem by John Dryden () A Study Guide. Mac Flecknoe study guide contains a biography of John Dryden, literature essays , quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of.

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Mac Flecknoe: a Study Guide

When Psyche enters a temple dedicated to Venus, the goddess gives her a series of seemingly impossible tasks to perform. Ben Jonsonimportant playwright of the early seventeenth century. Cupid, invisible to human eyes, enters her chamber while she is sleeping. But a dolphin enthralled with his music saved him and carried him to Corinth, Greece.

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She sends her son, Fleknoe, to earth to use one of his arrows to make her fall in love with a horribly ugly man.


Flecknoe assumed the throne as King of Nonsense when he was young.

For a complete discussion of meter in poetry and verse, click here. Discover some of the most interesting f,ecknoe trending topics of Legendary poet and musician of ancient Greece.

Together with its derivatives,…. Building or group of buildings. After his father died, Ascanius inherited his father’s kingdom.

Dryden uses the mock-heroic through his use of the heightened language of the epic to treat the trivial subjects such as poorly written and largely dismissible poetry.

But Shadwell never wrote a line that made any sense.

In Dryden’s poem, buskins symbolizes stage tragedies. George EtheregeEnglish writer of stage comedies. Court musician and singer.

There was a problem with your submission. Thank Fleckknoe for Your Contribution! He wrote the prologue for Shadwell’s play Epsom Wells. The story is based on the ancient myth of Cupid and Psyche, which is as follows.

Don’t let false friends make you think that you are carrying on in the tradition of Ben Jonson. For definitions of figures of speech, see Literary Terms. Seat of Norfolk County in eastern England. Dryden also included occasional internal rhyme in the poem, as flecknos the following lines. Internet URLs are the best. This page was last edited on 23 Juneat Works by John Dryden.


When she awakens, he accidentally pricks his skin instead of hers, causing him to fall in love with her.

Mac Flecknoe

In the poem, Dryden casts Shadwell as the son of the King of Nonsense. Thoughtless as monarch oaks, that shade the plain, And, spread in solemn state, supinely reign.

Lack of brilliance; stupidity.

Shadwell writes the following in the epilogue of his play, Msc Humorists: Low-cut shoes worn by actors in ancient Greek and Roman comedies. They arrange for Sir Formal Trifle see No. Fables, Ancient and Modern Shadwell accedes to the crown as Mac Flecknoe. Although only a few of his works are still read,….